So many "features" to this game that really should be fixed

Firstly, your developers do not factor in those of us who have issues with sight … on this event I got caught out because the times for rounds and for reset of energy pack costs are different … the round timeouts are in tiny little letters / numbers on a different screen … so I missed the ability to get good points from the rounds twice before a support staff member kindly explained this to me. This is not the first time i’ve had issues with the game due to the lack of consideration for those with issues with their eyes.

Additionally, now I find that when I cancelled out of a run in the event, I lost 100 energy … I’m assuming i’ll get it back at some stage, but once again I can’t do a mega run towards the end of the event. Or maybe i’m not getting it back ???

Tiny little things like this might not mean much to the developers, but it’s the small stuff that they don’t bother with that takes away from the enjoyment of the game.

On a personal note, this event it shit anyway … as it really is not worthwhile putting any effort into it until the last 1/2 hour of a round anyway, and then all the effort that people put in for the other 5.5 hours is lost … (for all teams).

Not sure who thinks of these events, but maybe some new blood ?

I’ll assume those 100 energies you lost was for the purchase of a mega attack. Those energies were spent to buy a mega coin, if you cancelled the attack you should still have that mega coin you purchased.

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