So, my bookmarks got reordered

I was wondering if anyone else experienced a sudden rearrangment of their bookmarks?

SaLangHeyYoooo (aka the 312 base) used to be at the top of my list, and Andyk123 also used to be near the top of my list. MsMersy was somewhere in the middle, and PGKissmyASS was at the very bottom.

Now for some reason MsMersy is the first on the list, SaLangHeyYoooo is 4th, PGKissmyASS is in the middle, and Andyk123 is at the very bottom. (I have quite a number of other bookmarks than those, but those ones seemed to experience the most radical shifts in placement on my bookmark list when compared to old placement vs new placement.)

I tried quitting the game and relaunching it, but the new order of bookmarks has remained. This doesn’t seem something worth deleting and reinstalling the game over (at least to me) and I’m sure I’ll eventually get used to the new order of bookmark placement.

I don’t know why my bookmarks got shuffled around, but the fact that they did is a bit irksome. I know the idea of letting us reorder our bookmarks has been brought up before, but perhaps this is something that PG could look into? It’d be nice to be able to reorder the list to optimize speed for chest farming vs egg token farming vs normal xp runs (for those of us not gifted with the xp bases in Atlas).

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That happened to me too! I wish I could order them myself, back to how they should be

It happens from time to time, maybe when they prune bases… I’m not sure what triggers it, it’s another legacy “feature”.

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Yeah, I think that got triggered when the 339 base (WhatTheF0x) went inactive. As seen in this post:

That one was in my bookmarks list too.

Ah, I suspected that from previous issues. Never confirmed it. Welcome to War dragons, I’m sure there are more legacy treasures for you to discover :stuck_out_tongue:

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You don’t say :joy::joy::joy:

I think I’ve passed my 2 year aniversery in this game :laughing: Stuff not working right you say? That never happens (/sarcasm)

Happens almost on a daily basis for me, I thought it was just supposed to happen with every reset (xp multis, token payment, etc).


It rarely happens to me :laughing: I don’t know how I’d stand it reshuffling so often. I’d probably end up picking the wrong base to hit half the time :woman_facepalming:

Seems by now I’ve gotten used to making a mental note of where each base is every day for consecutive runs. But then again rarely have any bases bookmarked if any…

It also happens to me regularly and prior to today, Just thought was normal.

Usually it happens when the list is changed - when some base is added or removed. Not immediately after add/remove, but when you next time open your list.
As I understand from other thread, some base disappeared, so that will cause reshuffle.

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Have you leveled up lately ? Have noticed list change after jumping up a few levels…

Nope :laughing: I finished a tower upgrade and went from barely lvl 163 to nearly done with lvl 163 lol. I’m thinking it was because my WhatTheF0x bookmark got deleted due to inactivity.

I just saw salangheyYooo, he’s a level 48 that’s crazy.

The original base changed it’s name to SayoNaraaaa and someone else claimed the old name :disappointed_relieved: I’m sad cause the 312 xp base isn’t back to normal.


Are you sure that it was a name change? One of the clan mates told me that he had that base (SayoNaraaaa) earlier in the bookmarks.

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