So…. Now do i get a mythic?

This is what I’m sitting on, team hits 8/8 every fort and around 6/6 on breeding and pvp, got about 3 mil personal last fort and aiming at around 30k this temple raid.

Need advice on how i should use these and if any of the mythics are actually long - term viable

Oh yeah geeze how can i forget about this, I’ve got 150k rubies on the dot


So you can get a Mythic with what you’ve got but you’d need to open chests and finish as much of the 1/2 price lines this week.

From there max each of the next 3 forts if you can as most sigils and gems. From there you’ll need to be smart with sigils on none key lines. How many gems do you have as if you have 100k+ by end of season that should cover what you need.

As for mythics I can’t speak to them but I’m looking forward to the warrior as videos I’ve seen are decent.


Save them all.

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Exactly what BringOutYrDead said.

You’re pretty darn set for a mythic. Just be planned to hit higher nodes in PVP like 199k in TR and Gauntlet. And also save your rubies to have a safe backup.

Question is whether it’s even worth going for a mythic lol

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Personally both mythics are mediocre this season and you should save what you have and crush next season … if the mythics are better

I would say yes, BUT I feel your main concern is the PVP scores. I don’t know ow if you will get enough sigils and rubies by stopping at the 30k point.

However if there was a season to skip, currently IMHO this would be the season to not push to hard.


“Mediocre” is putting it lightly


It really depends. What do you normally fly? Do you like hunters and their flight style? What about invokers? Do you need something less skill intensive like a warrior/sorcerer?

I know many are putting down both mythics this season, but let’s be real. It is only the start of week 2. We have no idea how fliers will feel about these mythics come week 8 when more people have one and have had time to fly them for themselves. The same things were said about Lockjaw and Quasar. They ended up being really good mythic warriors.

Another fact to consider, just because the “community” goes ga ga over a hunter, doesn’t mean YOU will like the hunter. So many people absolutely loved Calavore, took me 2 months to learn to fly him. I am the same with Jaalkan. So really, YOU need to know YOUR skill ability first. If you don’t like hunters, well then you might find that the “community adored” hunter is just not your style, and that is okay. Take all these “community opinions” (even mine) with a heap of salt and realize that they mean diddly squat if all the popular opinions are for flight styles you don’t enjoy.

With all that said, if you do NOT have a mythic yet and you are not trying to hitting level 550+ bases triple defended all day, the warrior is a good starting mythic to have. You need really good skills, maybe even better than hunter skills, to fly Steelwing defended so I would not recommend him for someone without another mythic as backup.

If you absolutely love invokers, especially like Jinn and Ikkuma, then you will really like Steelwing.

Edit: To know whether you can get a mythic for your situation, your team, how much you can push, etc. Go get a copy of the Season planner from the Spreadsheet Vault and fill it out. It really will show you whether you can get the sigils required in the 13 weeks to get a mythic or not for your activity level. If you can’t without going beyond your limits, then just open what you need to do events and save for next season.


Ok fine, they are like the pretty kids in the class, pretty but lousy personalities

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It is possible, but you do need to up your PVP score to at least the 8/8 score. To solidify your results. That said, as others have recommended. Unless they buff either mythic (steel wing is very good for exceptional flyers, but the learning curve is also very steep), warrior does not look like it will be all that great. Possibly If you are a lower level it will work out well for you. I would recommend you focus on whatever discount you want and then get the festive and spend your rubies on the draconics at the end of the line and wait to see what’s available next season. Then for sure you will comfortably get a mythic.

Also, listen to Zami lol

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One thing everyone should do every season imo is to go as far as possible with the discounts first 2 weeks. In your case, with that scoring at PvP and probably not much on breeding either, looks like if you get a mythic now it will take you a bit to get again a mythic.

Did you ever aim for the festive and draconics at the end?

If I were you I would wait a bit further to see if you really want any mythic. If not I would then investe any saved sigils on festive line to get RSS for next season with draconics and be more comfortable on the long run.


THIS summed up everything you NEED to consider in your situation, @AlphaPredator9, IMHO. Good luck! :green_heart:


Get as far as you can through the discounts with the resources you have because this is essentially half price resources, it’s not just about the mythic.

This will give you more resources for less with which to do more during the season.

Once you’ve done the discounts stop spending sigils until later in the season when you will be able to gauge whether you can hit a mythic (if you want one) with the sigils you have.


Get a better team

It sounds like he’s already in a pretty good team. 30k in PvP isn’t going to qualify him for teams that hit 8/8 in PvP.

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It’s almost like some people just want to play a video game without requirements. Crazy right? :roll_eyes:

Sure, plenty of games out there that aren’t team based, why not try one of those? :man_shrugging:


Yeah retirement diamond teams are pretty common in this game

I’m an invoker main, but Steelwing is just not defensive enough or offensive enough to pique my interest. Really i can fly any class just fine, i just need something that can carry me from emerald to arcanum all the way because i currently am running out of dragons to use.
I’m not hitting too high, but sometimes i get myself into 300s-400s bases for good lumber runs and they just oneshot Rath before she even stuns them.
I don’t fly Hauheset fast enough to carry me all the way, and all the dragons i have are just going out of the window at an alarming pace ever since Marav was retired

I think in a few weeks when more have Steelwing you’ll find that you can be offensive enough with him. Just like all invokers it is slow and requires exact timing of the spells to pull off. If you fly other invokers, then you have the skills for this. Done right, Steelwing has a 1 sec vulnerability window. Like jaalkan, fire on the turn and use that one shot liberally. I am not an invoker person but others are.

At your level of you are hitting 300-400 level bases, you usually only need worry about 10-11 max towers plus farms. Both mythics will work for you once you get spell timing down until you need to start taking out 4-5 max islands which is where I’m at.

Honestly, give it time. You can push for a mythic to gain at season end. Do it for the resources. Complete the two discounts, plan to grab the tower line eventually maybe not now, then wait for the festive saving everything until then. By then more will have both mythics and hopefully you will have seen for yourself in game both in action. You don’t have to decide right now. Pushing to get lines for resources and then not claiming mythic is always a possibility.

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