So pg hasnt read anybodys concerns about whats going on just sent everybody a mass message about other things? Pg whats going on man

These are things going on with my team tell me if yall can spot whats wrong with them really not opinions this is serious man its affecting me my whole team and my whole league no one can attack or do anything

I’m confused, your post is very unspecific??

Thats what i mean none of this has to do with what the mass message has to say they didnt read nobodys concerns, but sent that message to everybody theres alot more happening in my team alone this is seriously concerning and its pissin me off they should have never forced an update out if it wasnt finished

So the way mass messages work is they send them to everyone when they have a large number of tickets where one thing is usually the issue. As the ticket says, if it doesn’t address your issues, just reply back.


Thats the thing ive been replying so has a large number of people in my league alone, but all u get back is we are looking into the issue and if u dont hear from us in 4days te
Try again??? Seriously

Support is amazingly overwhelmed by tickets right now. Also remember that the more you reply (unless you’re in a back and forth convo with the support person) the further down the list it pushes you.

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They pushed this update 2 soon it was not finished so why risk messing the game up

  1. You don’t know that
  2. Not likely.
  3. My device is actually perfectly fine, which is further proof of 1 and 2.

I sympathize with you, and I know you’re angry (you have every right to be), but they are working on fixing this. What is always helpful for support is to:

  1. Reinstall & tell them you have
  2. Tell them what device you’re playing on
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I can imagine all the new players probably quit assuming this is normal since there is no messages from PG at all in the game.

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That’s a super good point. I’m sure @PGCrisis and @Arelyna will look into that.

Yes thats the thing so everybody on apple divice have told me theirs is still working fine well not everybody bot most apple users but everybody on adroid got messed up so whats gonna happen what if war happens or anything so we get ranked down? Look im just frustrated

And reinstalling and installing is not working for me either ive done it 5 times now and same result

I sincerely sympathize with you, I do. I would post in the Version 4.80 Official Discussion Thread and in the Version 4.80 bugs about this. Add your voice to the many on this!

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Yes i didnt even look or kno there where more topics but yes thank you i will i just hope all our voices are heard by pg soon

For sure - always here to help if I can. Good luck with the ticket. I’m gonna close your thread (since technically it’s a duplicate) but please make sure you keep speaking up in those threads I linked. :kissing_heart: good luck