So, PG thinks it’s fair to allow plat teams to war gold teams

So, apparently, PG thinks it’s fair to allow platinum teams to war with gold teams now. My gold team was declared on by 6 platinum teams last week and of course, we lost all 6 wars. We’re short people, which is why we were declared on to begin with. That would have been fine, had all 8 wars been gold vs. gold but 6/8 were plat vs. gold, which is extremely unfair. Yes, this is war dragons, and I’m fine warring but since when is it ok for plat to war gold? And PG is refusing to correct it and award our lost points back. This is total BS and everyone knows it! I’d love some suggestions on how to get PG to get their heads out if their asses and fix this!

I suspect you’re dealing with the same issue that was encountered here:

In which case, the current answer is:

Maybe not what you wanted to hear, but from that thread it doesn’t sound like there’s anything you can do to speed things along, just cross your fingers, send in your tickets, and wait. :persevere:


What does the height of your teammates have to do with anything? Can’t climb up onto your dragons without a stepladder?


In all seriousness would you have won if you were declared on by a gold team? If not, then I don’t understand the issue. It stinks when you’re a person down and everyone pounces on you, but that’s the old prey on the weak mentality this game fosters.

Did you go from gold 1 down to a lower league in gold? I guess the solution is to get your team filled back up and war your way back up.

In the upper leagues they have to be careful when swapping players out. You’d be surprised how fast folks pounce if you’re caught one member short even for a minute.

Try an lighten up, hopefully you take my comment as an attempt to make you smile. It’s only a game.


Lol, their latest response is that they “don’t have the necessary bandwidth to offer a case by case compensation for this matter.” So in other words, screw you, we aren’t doing shit about this :joy::joy:. I know it’s a game and all but seriously, this is bullshit and if it happened to anyone else out there making light of it, you’d be pissed too. Just sayin :woman_shrugging:t2:


I wasn’t really make light of it beyond trying to get a chuckle from you. It does suck but it’s a built in mechanic of the game to declare wars on teams missing members or weaker.

I don’t know how many points a platinum team would have taken from you but think it’s geared by ranking comparison.

Try not to get discouraged and get the team built back up.

But remember not to look for a “sure win” when you declare wars.

Kidding of course, to illustrate my point.

Well did u gain a plat player if so this could be ur issue chats are not updating correctly u change teams it dont update correctly and leaves that person in that lc

this is mine and wifes account in lc same time

So all and all chats changing on some teams are not! So in case things like this happens u must contact support they will eventually find a fix

This has happened to me before, I’ve found that force closing the game and reopening puts me in the correct LC.

It didnt :laughing: happened to ke to so last pvp i swapped teams. I was gold 1 with lc of sap1 it got worse with that being said ur seei
ng more complaint

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I hope pg will fix i sent to them and areylana usually sends it off! My question to op is did u receive someone from plat recently

Merge with a plat team with strong players…I.E. “Warlords”

Im curious, what do you end up losing to a platinum team if they declare on you(in gold) and being that much higher in rank?

In theory the prizing should be ranking points difference based so if somehow you were battling across realms, it would mean greater points difference would cause higher ranked team to have almost no points on a win, but can lose a ton on a loss, where as the lower ranked team could win a ton on a win or lose almost nothing on a loss.

However there is a bit of a problem. Ranking is extremely condensed. The difference between d2 and p1 is not as many points as you might expect.

(A quick search and I see 2071 listed as a D2 team and 1957 for a P1 with a 114 point rating difference between two I randomly found, likely it’s tighter than this even)

So that’s still enough to matter but it probably should be more like twice that in difference.

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