So red controls forums?

funny how she has hid or moved my posts to an atlas forum that i cant post in…well done forum queen

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She’s a mod. You’re not.

Go away.


will do when i get an answer why ive seen waypoint error for three hours

pretty dumb to open new land…when half team cant move primes due to waypoint error

already submitted ticket and this is the only other voice i know

i feel like im in the middle of massive shell game…shuffle here and hope they dont see we shuffled

Oh, well I can answer that…

PG did a piss-poor job of stress-testing their server(s) before the expansion went live and now they’re overloaded until further notice.

Welcome to the continuing saga of face-palming and beat-around-the-bush responses. There’s coffee and muffins in the back.


I hid your off topic posts and even mailed you why I hid them and why they were off topic.

I didn’t move any of your posts but did close the duplicate thread.

PG clearly knows there is an issue and spamming the forums every few minutes doesn’t do anything. Everyone with atlas is having your problem.

Please see the thread you were spamming with off topic messages as to help on how you might be able to possibly get access to Atlas Forums through the game button for the forums. Otherwise wait until the permissions on the forums get fixed (the purpose of the thread you were spamming).


If you have an issue with a mod send a PM to PG staff. Don’t create callout threads.

Submit a ticket.

Then wait for your ticket to get a response.