So Rusty Game nowadays PG?

  1. Not to comment for the sake of the getting attention PG ! But this getting worst now I have to say that Atlas attack cannot play when or during enemy attack my primach I just cannot go in and keep jump out as error when I want to attack the enemy primach well Until I lost 30K troops then only I can go in to attack which is too late.

  2. another scenario when 1 or 2 defenders around the game become so laggy till lost internet connection.

  3. Dont tell me if I don’t like rusty game I can get out but don’t forget we players have invested lots of money and effort too.

Then what’s your purpose? Just venting?


Well now! :scream:Hope your day is better! :sun_with_face:


My favorite is when your internet is completely fine and then 2 defenders pop up and all of a sudden… when lag begins pg claims it’s your internet :woman_facepalming:t2: And then when it stops in the middle of an attack to tell you “your internet is slow” and the time is counting down, I always edit it in my mind to say “your defenders are having McDonald’s shitternet” because I know dang well it’s not my internet. But just remember Pg’s logic. It’s never their fault :smirk: always yours.


meh, let him vent.

at least it keeps the forum not dead.

This slow down is by design. Nothing to do with your internet. PG needs to get rid of this.

Another example is gray health bar become bugged under hammer spam. PG needs to get rid of gray health bar too.


I have to say the game has been behaving better the last few days as it’s quicker to login and crashes less. At least in my android

It’ll vary by device, pretty much. The Android tweaks a while back were good for some but terrible for others, making it unplayable at just barely decent graphics and barely passable when things look like they’re a kid’s arts and crafts project :see_no_evil:

If my previous phone were my only device, I’d have likely quit the game. Atlas took more than four hours for basic navigation across the map.


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