“So simple a five year old could do it”


So this really should be pretty simple. I do a few builds at the start of the fort event which started today. You roll back one of the builds with your latest “technical issue”

The wood that I used from packs was returned (and yes that’s an improvement). But you roll back the wood to my farms and it’s exposed and raided. Of course I’m offline when this happens having completed what I wanted to do at the event start. But the build was started and there were no apparent errors, everything “looked good”.

Ok not the end of the world, so I send in a ticket with the description of exactly what I upgraded, exactly what was rolled back and a screen shot of the two attacks and the precise amount of wood lost AS A DIRECT RESULT of the game failure. I simply requested wood equal to what I lost be replaced. My God you would think this was an issue of national security or something.

This should be so simple. I’m really at a loss for the apparent mindset of this company. The ticket response was basically, we know we messed up, sorry. The team will work on giving everyone a gift within the week.

Wtf? How about just fix the problem, with exactly what was lost, like today so that the customer is made whole and can just move on.

I’m not the largest player, but then again I’m not sure how many of your players are upgrading multiple towers to the current max level. No generic gift has ever come close to what was actually lost. If you ever feel like there is animosity from the user base, it comes from experiences like this.

I remember seeing something a while back about how “difficult” it would be to respond to all the individual requests as the rationale for not addressing individual restitution. Well guess what, perhaps you could use some negative consequences on your team, so that they try harder not to have “technical issues” with the current frequency they are now occurring.

@PGJared care to comment…?



If you have an issue with how a ticket was handled, you kind of need to post the ticket number so I can review it.


Thanks Jared, it’s 1312188


I’ll take a look into this.


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