So... What happens when Zendesk decides the conversation is over?

According to a friend of mine, who is currently appealing a wrongful (so he claims) ban, this is what happens:

Customer service, at its finest.

Ofc, we are not the customers. Idk the nature of his ban… Only that it is under review. Regardless, if we’re told to use the portal or email to make these kinds of appeals, why would we get locked out of them?

Maybe he said something terribly offensive?

I asked. Here is what he said right before being locked out:

Sometimes, playing this game is like watching a bad soap opera. Lol. It’s all predictable, but then it surprises you by getting worse.


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Maybe he should of tried being polite. I have been playing the game for well over a year and surfing the forums for about the same time frame. I have seen a handful of appealed bans in that timeframe.

The bad gateway is unintended and likely means that Zendesk servers were down for a period of time. We can’t and won’t ever alter the support site and block individuals from contacting us.


Not trying to stir up any trouble at all here but hasn’t there been a few cases where an individual was being abusive to the support agent and they were then banned from support interaction?

“Bad Gateway” is definitely not a blocked messaged. Its usually a server error.

Source: I’m a network administrator.


You are correct. It’s happened about 5 times ever. That said, it doesn’t generate a 502 error.

EDIT: I should point out that Crisis didn’t know about this policy because it’s so rare. The last one happened before she was hired, iirc.

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It’d be nice if you could extend the smallest benefit of the doubt that an error message is probably generated by an error.

The only times that happens is when players are over-the-top abusive, like the player who sent me a picture of them holding a gun along with the office address.

Maybe, but support-bans don’t generate that error.

Yeah. I’m often surprised when people jump to conspiracy-theory conclusions, but then I remember it’s the internet.

This player is in no way banned from contacting support and their ticket is still listed as Open. The error message was due to an error between servers, which I hear happens on the internet. If someone was going to be banned from contacting support we would give them a warning in advance.


Sounds good to me.

Thank you for clarifying the matter. :+1:

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