So what’s going on with a rumored “night” theme that should have been in this game since the beginning?

I’m sure it’s been brought up before. I know I mentioned it years ago as well on an “old ticket.”

Anyway, it should happen. Give it some sort of underworld realism. :flushed:.

What could possibly go wrong?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe even add the virtual game changing to Authenticate the players time zone. :grimacing::smile:

Maybe add some “extra” ability spells to dragons during the night. Perhaps add different kind of challenge to be game like have day or night dragons. Night dragons (attacking at night is 10% stronger) having a specific night spell or day dragons (attacking at day 10% stronger) having a specific daylight spell… whatever… change it up a bit.

Alot of potential for future/newer dragons…if only there was an actual time zone for this game. As far as we know, we are always above horizon.


Let the rant begin🤣

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It’s a work in progress overlay preview.

We are not gonna fly with only bathroom lights on.

If that’s the case… lol vined towers will be invisible :joy:


I like everything about this idea! Obviously there are much bigger issues to work out before it should be considered for implementation, but this would be a welcomed change to the same old scene we hit over and over and over and over and over…


…and over😄

Clarification please: do you mean that day dragons would be best am and night dragons for pm?

Fantastic idea! Gives some more strategy to the game.

This sounds pretty good to me :slight_smile: I’d just be happy with a simple day/night cycle, where the game changes appearance during the night. Maybe little glowy lights could illuminate the towers. I’m a visual guy lol.

So… at my night my base will be dark and if I fly to opponents base, let’s say he’s in Asia, then his base will be in broad daylight?

If this is based on daytime of the player, it’s quite interesting…if it’s dark the entire time I’m not sure I like the change…


Hmm…I would assume there could be some added specialty day/night divine with the abilities in the near. Then again, since white spells are taking over, if it were to be more attack power and or defense (5%-10%) for every dragon we have now, it could help bring some temporary life to all other useless benched dragons with the added horizon theme. :joy::scream:

I’m sure I’d be tricky though since people could just wait to use that specific dragon for the time zone. …I feel timing would become crucial at the last minute.

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In all reality of the game, I’d be happy as well with just the basic night theme. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1:t3:

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:joy:yea it would be crazy if it’s dark the entire time. But I doubt they would do that. Although I hope it’s not seasonal either.

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If it’s dark all the time…Dark Flaks will be more OP than ever!!! :smiling_imp:

From an accessibility standpoint, I am concerned a dark theme might be harder for Dragon Lords with impaired vision. Updating colours and themes are a welcome change, and we always want to make sure that the game is as playable as possible for everyone! That being said, to have an option to toggle between a dark theme, or even implement some sort of day / night cycle, is something I would love to see make its way to the game. :smiley:


I just saw a “teaser” shared from a Facebook video of a night theme. I’m not saying everyone will, but I will certainly quit playing if it’s released without an option to disable it and run in “normal theme” the snow almost made me quit and the Halloween theme disgusted me.

If PG wants to continue these seasonal UI changes please give us the ability to OPT out


Night time appears to be quite a nice “theme.” So far my eyes are enjoying it. Maybe someday we are able to destroy stuff as the night falls or destroy as daylight wakes instead of it being “seasonal.” Who knows…

So the current theme applied in the 4.21 update completely omits this point?
edit: adding image.


I like the idea of day and night but can night be a little brighter, I have troubling eyesight and when the contrast between the light towers and the background is so large it hurts. At least give us the option to make it brighter or even turn off this effect cause not everyone will benifit from this.

I like the idea of day/night alternations in the game.

I do think it would have to include a setting in the graphics section to choose between:

  • Day - permenantly on
  • Night - permenantly on
  • Auto - changes according to players local time.

If auto is done on server time, players on the other side of the planet will experience game-night during irl-day and vice versa.


Is this even night? or is it “Spring” I guess it should change back to “day” if we are going by PST. We shall see (hopefully see)