So...what was the new content?

Defense numbers went up a bit. Is this a partial tower rebalancing or ??

Farms don’t seem any different.

My base DP went up about 35% and lvl 60 Dark flaks supershot increased about 4x to over 12M. Hit points of all towers seem higher, too. Not sure of other changes.

Overall, I think PG really screwed up. Dark Flak is more powerful than it ever has been… by 33%+

No they didn’t screw up, these are the updates they’ve been working on with a customer based development crew. But yes the updates are the new content

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Level 60 towers are supposed to defend against harbinger and are no longer tiered towards obsidian

Oh yea and I’ve noticed farms above 40 are more difficult so they seem to be improved

Only the Dark Flak is powered for Harbinger. Everything else is much weaker by a factor of 3x-4x. HP did increase, though. So it’s very unbalanced.

In other words… “they screwed up.” Towers have been completely foobar for 3 months now. And this fix just continues the trend of getting it wrong. Very wrong.


My farms (60, 60, 52, 51) are still being steamrolled. :unamused:

Our bigs can stop destar on their short and I can outheal noc on farms again.

Also, new content might be the apology gift as well?

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HMm very little of what you stated there is true. Wrong tag as well

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Everything I said is true. It has been 3 months and refer to comments and screenshots below for data on the differences. Not only that, level 60 towers were designed for Obsidians, not Harbingers. So altering that plan does what exactly to Emeralds and Garnets? And 65s will certainly overpower Harbingers easily without yet another re-unbalancing.

I tagged a PG employee who can relay information to the appropriate personnel. If they made a bug forum, I’d log issues there.

These aren’t all the towers, but you can see that the DF is ~2x-5x more powerful with it’s supershot than the others.

Not only the darkflak is powered for harbinger

Everything else is not weaker by a factor of 3-4x

The towers have been rebalanced so that 55 is for obsidian and 60 is for harbinger legendaries (in the process saving players thousands of dollars), it does nothing to garnets and emeralds.

Garnets have no business in a tower tier aimed at obsidians, thus aiming it at harbs has no influence. Same with emeralds. Obsidian tier was 50-60, emerald was 50. The adjustments that were made this week was at 50-60.

Yes they screwed the pooch with 4.00, this however is a big improvement to the balance as is.

Pg has spesifically requested players to tag appropriate staff and not the random one you hope might answer.

So yes, as stated - very little of what you said is accurate: look at your own pictures— then factor in firing speed range etc. The flaks on testing (not thumbsucking) are pretty balanced at the moment, with the caveat that the iceflak is probably a smidgen weak at the moment.

The darkflak being the premium dmg tower if dmg is 1; the ratio works to be about 1:0.8:0.6

As of now: fireflak >=darkflak > iceflak = archer = iceturret when it comes to usefullness/impact on a defended base

Not too far off at all. Also, go fly some defended bases, its a lot more balanced now – no facerolling, yet still beatable with 1 defender and good flying. Assuming you fly appropriate level towers for your tier.

Edit: corrected emerald to 50 as pointed out by Enigma


It’s actually “fubar” which is a rather enjoyable acronym… kinda like “snafu.” Oldies but goodies.

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Emeralds were 50, obsidian was 51-60, but everything else you said was spot on

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Towers were scaled up in such a way that everyone above 50 benefited substantially. And by doing it the way it was done (scaling up existing towers), the need for higher levels is delayed somewhat, and the towers are closer to their original specifications (as seen for one day when they were “fixed”).

Also, this balance addressed towers outside the 3 affected by the attack caps from before.

If you have a specific tower you think is weaker, please post it so we can all see.

Farms are not as strong as they were when level 60 was first released for them, but they are stronger than they have been at any other point in game history.

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Just about everything you said is wrong.

If you could specify how he’s wrong instead of just saying that he’s wrong that would be great.

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To add what Texas said, if you could provide reason to your arguments, we could avoid this situation:
But with more jpeg.

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Enigma: thanks corrected

I’m waiting for his proof why what I said was incorrect.

We have tested the various flaks post balance update and only one I could pick up thats slightly low imho was iceflak. It seems to do around 2/3rd of fireflak and although this is intended it still feels to low for me.

Its very easy to look at the “numbers” you see on the ingame display and make judgements, but it only paints a small part of the picture - towers have different ranges and different firing rates. On top of that they have a life expectancy, and in the case of fireflak they also have a death effect.

All this equates to a set “lifetime” damage per tower - and yes darkflaks are the highest here - fireflak are close to that at around 80% and the rest of the premium towers and archer are about
75% of the fireflak - aka the 1-0.8-0.6 ratio I mentioned earlier.

For interest sake the fireflak supershot is whats making the difference between beating a max base defended or losing.

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and good ole DILLIGAF

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Ok. You got me with that one…

Do I Look Like I Give A Farg?

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