So whats max supershots for undefended base?

Sorry if this was asked before.
I’m trying to understand the mechanics behind the supershots on undefended bases.

After facing some undefended based with seemingly endless supershots it made me jelly and I want to know how could I achieve the same godly status :sweat_smile:
So my questions are following (all of them are about UNDEFENDED BASE)

  1. Whats the max possible number of ss per base?
  2. Does number of towers on base/ Island impact the ss count?
  3. Is ss number per base same every time base is attacked?
  4. What impacts ss number? Research? Dragon on perch? Riders?

As far as I understand, AI defended bases have just 5 SS that can be used

I had bases firing 8-9 mage ss at me so that can’t be true :slight_smile:

I see around 5 most of the time

Did you use one dragon or more?

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That’s what I forgot to ask.
Dungeons has a ton of SA, not sure if there is a limit there.
For AI and even not AI defended to an extent, each dragon is +5 ss

I just tested on a low base, after 5 supershots I didn’t see anymore trigger. I’m too lazy to do all the research and continue testing that though. :sweat_smile:

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I’ve done similar stuff on XP bases.
There’s a reason you want to let the farms trigger SS as there is a very limited amount lol

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You are probably referring to the dungeons or other similar events where there are, what feels like, unlimited SS but under normal circumstances , 5 is the max


No I’m referring to normal base. So 5 per base per dragon?

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Correct unless of course it’s the base owner or you use more than One dragon

5 for a defender that doesn’t own the base, 8 for the base owner. The supershots reset with each dragon.

This is why I usually prepare supershots after a dragon dies, and then I have them reloaded to use on other towers.

10 for owner with research


That depends on reserach

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Could y’ allplease stick to Undefended base answers. I’m not asking about owners defending bases

My questions are then, if you say 5 per base per dragon is max what about

A) mythic sorcerer on perch with “supershot boost” and 25%supershot refund chance. Does this impact the undefended base SS count?
B) research. Does research impact the undefended base SS count?
C) what is the logic if 1 base gets 1 SS undefended and others get 5. Is there any pattern?

A: As far is i am concerned, No. And assuming it did, it would be lucky to give the base 1 extra SS
B: No
C: all undefended bases get 5 SS. You might have killed towers that were about to SS/cloaked right before they SS


Or just killed the towers before they could charge.


I’ve been hit 4 times by the same mage on undefended bases. It’s been broken for a long time.

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Thats more like the issue I’m experiencing as well. Aren’t they supposed to spread out ?

Like for example I’m hitting long Island and same mage keeps SSing me 3-4 times, then mage at the back does the same thing. So aren’t AI supershots supposed to be distributed or smth?

So whats the perch dragon does then?