So when will we get a new resource tower?

Any ideas maybe suggestions? Just curious to hear what the community thinks about it.

What is a resource tower? Like a meat flak?


I think that’s the point in making. The last towers introduced were the totems.

Umm no, the last tower introduced were the Cosmic Orrery

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Resource tower. Not defense.

again, what is a resource tower supposed to be?
If you’re talking about the storage tab then probably never


Do you mean like a farm? If so how is a totem a resource tower? And what kinda resources do you want it to collect

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Defense tower got strayed in resource tab :eyes:

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I’m so confused by this post.


Huh. Fair enough. Haven’t look them for years. That’s a weird placement for it.

It gives you free food the more hits the more food you get :grin::joy:

A tower that gives you random free reasorses like elemental embers and black Perls exectra

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It force feeds your dragon, making them fat and slow :rofl:


Love it lol :joy:
And stops them from attacking because when they shoot a spell it forces it back into them :rofl:
And it makes your screen blury because chunks of meat on it lol :joy:

Specially trained perched attack pigeons who fly out and raid bases while your offline to gather massive quantities of food and wood? However, actually getting the resources out of their tiny little mouths requires walking backwards while reciting the Contra code?


here we go :slight_smile:

It seems you are the closest to understand what I’m envisioning lol

It’s okay to be confused. I know most players don’t notice the resources tab ( ᐢ˙꒳​˙ᐢ ):heart:

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