So who's enjoying fortification so far

Did ya hit your number you aiming for?

Nope, I like the event, I just don’t have patience to save timers, lol, so I had to wait first five minutes in, I am far from my goal, lol

Just upgrade your farms that’s all I do and book 720k met easy way for me

I’ve enjoyed my holidays with my family.
Done some laser tag, two family gatherings, now out in Banff taking in the mountains

I also upgraded 3 towers but that’s not important, I’ll upgrade them to 65 by end of the weekend when family stuff calms down.


Ummm… No. Sad that I can be in the top 500 scoring and only move up 5 player levels. Yay wall.

Nice, keep work to level up your base :slight_smile:

Im actually having fun, though I’d have more fun if the gold chest drops were better. Need to push for 300 before next season.

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Reached 1bn defence and got my first 60. Good start. Will end with 5 60s. Can’t wait.


Wish you could build more and not level up so fast.


Your wish will eventually come true.


@Dave50 have you ever heard of the infamous 300 wall?

Im pushing for 300 and really wish the exact opposite, would love if towers gave way more xp. I spent most of summer trying not to level and now I need to try to level as much as possible

No I have not heard of that

Have fun!

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I’m aiming for 1M points, I am only 1% in, lol

Yep. 2 levels on a flak and kept my player level to +1. So will be getting Hau as a lvl 139.

Edit: Was updating my info to see how many embers I had and accidentally engaged build on the FF, so now a lvl 140😡

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I’m 9k points from 1m

Fort was weird for me. Coincidentally woke up 10 minutes after fort started, so I basically finished it within the first hour.

Went from 122 to142 with 35 df, 34 electro, 33 mages, 34 storm -> 37 df, 37 ff, 33 mages, 37 storm. Got perch from level 22 to 30 on a shitton of gold chests for a full 2.4m points, didn’t really touch my farms again. DPwise: 30m with kill boosted to 55m with kill boosted. Not bad, I guess :confused:

All I can really say is…I regret the electro flak. It was good back when I didn’t have Atlas, but I have it now. We had good times together, but, dammit, maxing an extra fire flak was expensive. (So was maxing the electro back when I switched from the ice turret :disappointed:)

So my base isn’t max for my level anymore. Sucks.

I’ll get Hau next event too! Not exactly 126, but, not bad either!


108 to 137
4.28m points

wanders off muttering about needing more egg tokens…

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@Obliterkate and @MurderBNumbers do you guys spend, have Atlas, and have skipped out on the last fortification events? Just wondering how you pulled that off :’)

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