So why doesn’t grogg have his equipment attached to himself?

Mines level 50 with everything unlocked why isn’t he equipped with the gear? Or is that coming down the road? Just wondering is all

If you leveled Grogg to lv50, you should have claimed all his gears. Check inventory Tab next to Skill Tab in the Rider section

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No sorry maybe I didn’t word it correctly everything’s attached, once he’s riding the back of my dragon where’s his gear???

The equipped armor doesn’t show up on the grogg avatar in battle.

They wont display. Its like internal equipment. Noticed that even you equiped his Spear, the outfit only show a small sword…

Hmm just curious, I have a level 50 Grogg and his inventory was empty. I wondered why he was so pathetically weak. So I went and crafted dark gear in atlas and attached it to him. So really there should’ve been an entire set of gear that came with him :hushed:

There was an entire set. Your inventory should be full if you have a max grogg. Post a screenshot.

I hope it’s coming in the near future. If he’s equipped, why not show it in battle… hide his harry legs!

Is he bonded to a dragon with another element than dark? Maybe it doesn’t show his gear because of this? (Never tried bonding gears, he’s naked on my Kinnarus)

you can bond any rider to any dragon as long as they have no armor on. its the armor that is tied to the element

Gear is automatically filtered by the element of the dragon the rider is bonded to. You can change the filter settings to view gear of other elements. Those will be greyed out and can’t be equipped unless the rider is bonded to a different dragon of a matching element. The gear that came with Grogg is dark element but you can put other gear on him if you have any

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If the dragon element is dark, it will show up. Otherwise Grogg gear won’t show up.

It will show up on other drags but you need to change the element filter and the gear is very hard to see. I usually need to turn the brightness up on my phone

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