So why no wood on egg quests?

I’m try to do egg quests but when I win the wood doesn’t go up even a little but he after battle shows I took a bunch ? What am I doing wrong!!!

Imma take a random guess and assume you are new, could it be that you might already have the maximum wood your storage holds?


Could be an issue similar to what I was having with a different quest. I was meeting the objective, but not getting credit. Submit a ticket.

But first make sure you have room in your storage before going on a rss mission.


:joy::joy::joy: what he said :joy::joy::grin:

But they said that end of battle showed they got the rss so they had room in inventory or it would show getting 0 rss at end of battle

Are you hitting too low for your level? Egg token missions have a minimum level requirement

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