SoCal Flyers: Lets keep the Fests idea going!

Sooooo…in true to ChefJen fashion, I’m a bit tardy on posting in this category!

The SoCal Dragons Fest was on Saturday, September 28!


Anyone who was unable to make it, or hadn’t heard about it: never fear! There will be more!
Perhaps not as epic as the first, but the plan is to have these get togethers more often!


Helpful Tips to show guests where to go!

Upon entering, Guests were greeted by Curly! (Yes, the real Curly from Outlaws! Only- in mannequin form!)
Curly silently informed the attendees of the some basics…

image image image

SoCal Dragon Lords feasted on Brazilian BBQ (churrasco) made by some weird chick…

What was originally intended to be a guessing game turned into show and tell and we all showed the group what we had brought and why.

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image image
Getting to Know You Bingo got people mingling to find a name to put in each square

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Vejo um pãozinho de queijo ai uai :slight_smile:
Congratulations for the party!

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I don’t know if I should be flattered or concerned :crazy_face:
Looks like a great party! Hope you all had a fantastic time :smiley:


ohhh I loveeee iiittt!!! Hope you all had a great time :kiss::kiss::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Welcome to the forum community!

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Welcome to the forum!

Flattered! I coulda named her anything else!

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wait that dodo in the picture is actually epic

Lol ty! He’s mine!

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