Social dilemma must watch documentary

Can’t believe I have not seen this but I’m part of last of last generation of everyday we played outside how technology became more advanced and mankind became less intelligent meaning lacking common sense critical thinking skills

What’s your point?

How is it I can always tell a post is yours before even reading it?


It’s a documentary, no one else posts them.
Plus, you can usually find bloodwiser on off topic posts.

I know, takes me back to when Facebook was relevant. :laughing:

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Same lol… there will always be one of his threads every week

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Yeah… it’s not subtle.

That and less intelligent? That’s pretty insulting, and inaccurate. The generations who use this stuff created it. This generation is making the most high tech stuff in existence. This generation is fixing problems that were impossible before to fix before. This generation also created ways to manage more information and resources than ever.

Sure old skills have become redundant. But trust me, the previous generation had its own problems. Just as this one does. And critical thinking was just as prevalent in this generation as the last.

I feel like there needs to be a limit to how many off-topic posts one is allowed to make in a 30 day period. The Forums arent really meant to be used like someone’s personal Facebook timeline


Ok boomer.

Constant demonisation of things you don’t understand how to use just makes you look ridiculous.

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Or just limit all types of threads instead of restricting it to off-topic. It seems that BL0ODWISER made another irrelevant thread but didn’t put it in the off-topic section.