Solar strike not impressed

Solar strike feels like galvanic overload. It’s not a all like death gaze, where you can kill towers above your level. Correct me if I’m wrong here.
Consider its red and has a long cool down; it’s not that impressive.
PG needs to make it death gaze like, or white with 1 rage, or no cool down.

Tier? What level towers/farms does it not kill?

I’m sure Sam can kill equal tier towers without problem. The question is why not make Solar strike similar to Umbral spike?
I’ll take 1 rage spike over this 0 rage solar strike. The cool down does not justify the 0 rage.

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Funny, compare to a mythic hunter spell like neptun which is white higher damage heal and faster cool down, Solar strike is a sorcerer spell :rofl:
Is it better to change it to spell flux?

its a zero rage spell.

That alone makes it very interesting.

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I haven’t looked at it really or used it at all (just training him atm), but isn’t it like southern cross?

That’s the purification spell.


Ah thank you! Carry on… lol

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