Solution for useless towers



We’ve all seen thread after thread begging PG to allow towers to be recycled, and it looks like its no closer to happening.

So, here’s another suggestion… Separate Player Level from Base Level.

Currently, I’m a Lv 234 player, who made all sorts of mistakes when building my base, yet my base is Lv 234, but can be defeated as if it were Lv 123.

So, here’s the solution: We keep player level, but only as an indicator of that player’s experience. Base level, however, should no longer be based upon the total xp value of all towers ever built, but by the total xp value of all the towers deployed upon it. So, as a Lv 234 player with lots of useless towers, I can simply store the useless and surplus towers, reorganise, and come out with a Lv 123 base, that is actually a good Lv 123 base.

Now, what happens if you drop a lot of base levels by storing towers? Well… that’s debateable. One possibility is that if anything you have as a Lv 234 is not possible for you to own as a Lv 123, it either gets stored or scaled back to a level that you can use at that level, but as your base improves, stored and scaled-back things automatically become available again.

The other possibility is that you’ll have access to overpowered towers and dragons for your base level. Not good, I think.

Really, if you drop so many base levels that you can’t use one or more tiers of dragons, then any evolving dragons should be scaled back to your current tier. However, if that happens, you’ll still have an evolving dragon that’s automatically maxed-out in levels for your current tier, and probably has better runes, and maybe a rider.

This will have a few negative effects… Bases such as MsMersy, with no towers at all, will drop to Lv 1, and other xp/egg mission bases with a lot of low level towers and no doubt a lot of higher level stuff in storage will have greatly reduced base levels too.


I vote no. As you get higger in level, those stored towers mean less and less. I don’t want to deploy a bunch of shit towrs that I built when I didn’t know better, just so I can keep flying my obsidian divines at my current level (228).



Base with 1 redmage and 4 farms. All 75


Does anyone here now any if the developers or customer relation reps from PG?
If so maybe we can contact them about implementing the option to change towers (for a cost of rubies) or recycling them (for a cost of rubies) or updating towers.

Changing towers could remove the possible issue of player level being changed and Dragon tiers. Since you could potentially only change a tower to another of equal value regarding Defense Rating and Player level.


Kill that Mage and I’ll wipe the rest with my Expert Amber, unless Death Gaze can no longer destroy any tower with 1 shot each.


They should put people in other peoples attack list according to defense and attack power


How about leave it how it is. but to help future players from making the same mistake, maybe make a warning system to notify players that they already have 1 of the towers built or a option to upgrade existing tower, or cap how many towers a player can have on there base at a capped level, and or something along those lines, useless towers are just that so accept it move on but at least warn new players… for pg to code the above situation would implode the game considering the issues still found throughout the game…



There is a group called The gameplay faction. I’d assume that items like this would be run through this group since it’s a mechanics/balance/new tower type directive. Would certainly be a bit more fitting than the other approved faction of players (creators) who are more aimed at marketing and advertising and playback content creation


Weren’t you part of GPF about a few days back ? :thinking:


Yes I was


Nope, nope, nope. I would just rather have a folder that I can put my towers in so I dont have to look at my shame (looking at that lvl 28 ballista :pensive:)


Wait… was? :eyes:


Not that I think anything should be done with old stored towers (quite frankly it reminds me of where I came from and what I’ve learned). But if there is any solution, then maybe a tower buyback system with partial rss returned, and nothing happens to level. …I think I’ve seen a thread in the past on this, but maybe not. Anyways, anything that creates a lvl drop causes too many problems


I would rather leave the leveling system how it is. If you are really looking for a solution to useless towers how about you push for PG to make old towers viable again? I just don’t see the need to create a whole new system to replace a currently working system for leveling.


That’s what I keep shoutin!!
Fire and Ice balistas for everyone!! Woohoo


Fire ballistas? Now it’s a flaming pile of :poop: :rofl:


What about the ice balista :joy:


It’s a frozen POS… at least it doesn’t reek as badly as the fire balistas :joy: