Solutions for Tower Level Bug

Ok, it has been confirmed that the Fire Tower and Flak Towers have not been increasing in attack power since around level 35 for regular attacks- though super-shots do continue to scale normally with level increases (See below):

This was revised after testing to level 35:

Given this, I’d like to suggest that we brainstorm some ways that PG can fix this mess instead of waiting for them to come out with a fix and then responding with moaning and whining (and screaming and crying). :wink:

Personally, I have put off writing this because there just aren’t any easy solutions and I know anything I put out there will be torn apart. If we are honest, we would all love to have the towers on our bases and the bases of our teammates brought up to full strength while keeping those of our enemies the same. LOL! But since that is physically NOT an option… here is my stab at it:

How about if:

  1. All the affected towers are “fixed” to their full strength (this kinda has to happen because people paid for those towers and deserve to have them at their advertised strength).

  2. Dragons in Sapphire tier and above are given a boost in Attack Power on a sliding scale.
    Here’s how this would work:
    Ideally, PG would run some numbers on the effect on base strength using a few “typical bases” as their standard. Pick a base level 200, 225, 250, etc… and see the % change in base defense power before and after “fixing” the tower AP.
    If (for example) the level 200 is showing a 5% change, maybe give the Sapphire dragons a 5% boost? If the 250 base is showing a 10% change, give the Garnet dragons a 10% boost, etc… By the time you get to Obsidians, they may get a 30% boost, who knows?
    I’m sure we could spend all day debating the particulars but you get the idea.

What is your idea? :slight_smile:


Idea 1: roll back that file to version 3.7

Idea 2: go have coffee

(aka it wasn’t broken before 3.8)

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That would have worked fine if they had done so quietly without telling us the details. Could have just taken 3.7, relabeled it 3.9, pushed it out and said “sorry about that, its fixed now”.

But now that they have publicly announced that hundreds of people at the top of the game didn’t get what they paid for…I don’t think that solution will fly anymore absent a huge refund or adjustment to the affected players.

So I guess kudo’s to them for honesty. But now we are in this situation.

Well i rarely side with PG but… Give them time guys. This is a newly discovered issue by the sounds of it and i am sure they are working on it.

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But its simply not true

We have thousands of videos on youtube and line, clearly showing dragons getting hit by say a lvl 50 tower, doing more damage than a lvl 42 tower

This only changed once they “reverted” the “fix” they had in place for other towers.

Although towers may or may not have been scaling correctly, they did scale.

There is more than enough evidence to show that a lvl 55 flak tower’s normal shots, was doing more than a lvl 42 one.

The “fix” of their “fix” ended up in the scenario we are now, nothing before.

So although they are on the right track, tracking the changes to the csv files of 3.7–>3.8 should find at least contributions to the problem.

PS. i’m not saying there wasn’t a mistake in the scaling, merely that there was still some scaling taking place, which clearly there isn’t now.

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maybe the cap isn’t a hard cap, but a soft cap where if it deals 1m and then the increased is supposed to be 500k, the added damage becomes 60k.

Something like you can’t achieve 100% crit rate. Once you reach 40%, every 1% crit increase becomes 0.5% and once it reaches 60%, every 1% crit becomes 0.1% crit increase.

I 'm just looking forward to the new status quo.

Hard to design base if towers going to change.

Fire turrets in a good position now - not overpowered, but ignore them at your peril. Excellent balance.

I think there’s a bit of confusion here about the tower scaling issue. 3.8 still had the cap. In 3.9 the cap was removed and damage skyrocketed. In a non-binary release (still 3.9) we added the cap back in, but the new cap doesn’t account for research or boosts.


Yeah, fire turrets are fine. Main problem is the flaks. They still hit harder than pre-“fix” although I thought they were rolled back🤷🏻‍♂️.

Hey folks,

Just to post a small update:

We’re having a ton of meetings and discussions about this. I’m involved, PGCoffee is involved, PGPulse is involved, and a ton of other folks. We’re going to present a few options to y’all, and then I’m going to host a kind of town-hall type thing where everyone can discuss this and we can make sure the actions we take are balanced and well-received by players. This discussion will likely happen via Twitch or some other live service, so you’ll have to deal with my ugly mug for a bit.

More details to come.


I’m out :joy::joy:


Don’t think this is said often enough

Thank you.

I believe PG is miles ahead of other mobile game designers in the field of running changes by their community and incorporating feedback.



This is great news! Thanks for the heads up! Looking forward to it… :slight_smile:

Did any of the meetings start out “Well shit…what do we do now?!”

Love seeing what PGJared has to say and I love that he is thick skinned enough to withstand all the aggression aimed at the game (certainly not him) I sincerely hope this townhall thing is open to ALL this time around. Thank you for keeping is us the loop. :pray:

Wait there was a town hall that wasnt open to everyone before? Isnt the DEFINITION of town hall that anyone who wants to can attend?

If you live in the town. :slight_smile:

kidding, I would think so

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