[SOLVED] 1M food disappearing into thin pixels

So I requested 1M food during the first hour of feeding just after the resources in raids pretty much dried out. Bad luck two officers were online and I was sent 2x 1M at 7 seconds interval. Yikes! I carefully timed when I’d received it and I managed the remarkable feat to spend a million+ food in those seconds, using rubies to get enough food to level a dragon for his second level. So I had 1M food left. I accidentally reduced the application and after an abnormally long loading screen (it reset once) and freaking out that I’d be attacked I came back ingame and I had zero food! I hadn’t been attacked for an hour, the chat showed that I received the food and I swear on my account that before I got out of the app I had the leftover million. Yet five mere minutes after receiving it, it was entirely gone.

I restarted the app, I reinstalled, I sent a ticket to support, I have yet to receive a reply with my ticket number but I’ll make sure to edit my post when it happens.

I don’t usually post here to report a bug, but I thought I would today. It wasn’t my food, it was my team’s and I owe them this attempt to get back this vanished food.

Feel free to report if you’ve also experienced that issue this event, adding your ticket number if possible.

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It appears that I was 3-4 seconds too late to feed my dragon, I had already received both gifts, and the food I thought I had left was a sort of ghost, showing more resources than I actually owned and leading me to believe my food disappeared.

I was gladly surprised by the replies I received lately for both my tickets (unrelated to each other). The support members knew exactly what I was looking for and what I was talking about, that’s refreshing after the numerous mass replies I used to know. I hope it keeps improving! :blush:

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