Solved, please close this thread

Language: I speak English and Sarcasm
Time Zone: EST
Played time: 1 Year
Age Range: Team msu Adult ONLY
Elite Account?: always
Dragon Roster Includes:Neptus, Necryx, Avyx, Bean, Fomhar… You get the picture
Highest Lineage Dragon: Just about to finish Ferga

About:I really enjoy kicking butt and winning wars, my current team is fantastic and I would like to stay but it’s becoming apparent that PG isn’t making Atlas rollouts known and I’m really tired of being behind on the gear.

I don’t miss wars, I compete in every event, and I expect that whatever team I join is going to be full of competition driven players.

I have a short base that’s had no problems dropping obsidian and some Harbringer Dragons when defenders know what they’re doing.


Hi Celtic War Heros is looking for members . We have atlas and are also in an alliance . My ign is GoddessPCWH .

IrishDragons is recruiting, we are a Sapphire 3 Atlas team with multiple castles. If interested please apply and message our recruitment officer FinnMcCumhaill.

Knightsofdeath are a P4 team with Atlas on the way up. We have 3 empty spots for players that don’t miss wars.
Apply to us and show us what YOU got.

The Unf0rgiven is a Sapphire 3 team with Atlas,good alliances in Atlas, Diamond 1 leadership, mulitple accounts with Harbinger dragons, and officers from all around the world (there’s always someone online to help or talk to).

I wrote to you in-game, give me a shout if you’re interested or not:)

LegionofGodz are looking to replace some. We are an active group we band together to win events and wars. Which of course are mandatory. We give rss freely. We also run XP for you get dragon to breedable quick. So check us out and see if you are interested.


I sent you a message too as well. Check us out and see if we are a team you might be interested in.


Gotten allot of response to this and I would like thank everyone for them.

After much consideration I’ve decided that I’d like to find a lower level league with Atlas that has room for myself and a few friends.

Please include your team names and league in any response, as allot of the PMs I’ve received don’t include either and are just going to be ignored without that information

Good luck waiting on PG to give you Atlas, seeing as how I posted that I specifically wanted Atlas I’m not sure why you replied…

At any rate I’ve found a team with Atlas and room.for myself and my friends in a league that suits our play style.

Do you accept players that are under lv 100