Solved ty Kenshiki

Has anyone else noticed the difference in invader bases? Spells like freeze that used to destroy towers are now doing 90%, and some of my dragons now need 3 shots instead of 2… not a huge thing at my level but wonder if it gets harder as it scales up to higher levels?

Anyone else notice this?

Wonder what else was changed…

if you lvl up your invader grow aswell.

but thats nothing new tbh

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Thx for that… but I’m just talking about the difference in the last 24 hours… yesterday my Sekhem killed towers in 2 hits. Today it takes 3. Something has changed.

did you level up recently? that should be the reason.

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Omg. Just sad. Ty for reminding me what happens with no sleep and staring at a screen too long. :dizzy_face:


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