Some Assault tiers bases seem OP to me

I have divines in every tier, but there’s quite a few tiers where the lineage dragons have better Power than the divines.

I thought I saw a post indicating they would be rebalancing the bases, but maybe it was wishful thinking, because I can’t find anything on this topic.

I do very well in a few tiers, but most get too hard to complete by a good margin.

I can see the reply’s saying I need to learn to fly them.
I just use the lineage dragons so rarely I definitely suck flying them.

Since last time I have experted and added runes to the important lineage ones, so hopefully that will help a little.


Yeah I get that Garnet is this way for example, possibly even Emerald if you don’t got good runes for deci or other dragons or Don’t know how too fly him.

Garnet you can use sapphire dragons. Like Apop or Hau


I disagree, they decreased the difficulty significantly of all the bases to the point that you cant get decent points if you use a maxed dragon of the same tier anymore. Plat 6 used to be a nightmare and now it’s just an average base


It differs between fliers though

Didn’t have any problem with my riders on the lineage dragons until my tier ( which was harbinger mythic in the last assault )