Some different rune setups for Calavore

I have several different setups from the rune and glyphs for calavore from my team.

Which one can use any changes as far considered for a better balance between the runes and glyphs.

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I see Xandra would be better for the first set up because of amount and all that attack adding mythic ammo too the first then he’s Golden make sure you still got at least 1 or 2 attack glyphs for him too be viable he needs a lot of attack and ammo too fly during defenses

I’m pretty sure that some of the glyphs and runes 1st or 2nd effect aren’t good on cal. Rather than getting some mythic runes put some that are useful the legendary and mythic rune and glyph for cal are a must have for shorter dirge Cool down. I don’t really know what type of runes you have that are better for cal but I have mythics and legendaries on my own all for rage and ammo boost.

These are the runes I have for cal

I went ammo👍


This work pretty nicely so far for me


Ammo didn’t do it’s bidding, however does seem like he needs at least 3 - 4 + ammo too kill stuff defended.

I’m confused on your option of runes… one of them is thunder bolt for it to hit 1 more tower and then you have one for a scavenger spell or passive. I’m wondering if those 2 actually do something for cal?

It is mainly there because of it’s secondary buff and that’s hunter attack of 8% that does help Cal significantly.


Just the 10.5% rage for the dragon glyphs ( stack with the other rage) and the 8% attack for the glyphs


Okay so in your opinion you think that’s better or having a rune that gives less rage but more attack?

You misunderstood my point completely
She use 2 rage rune ( the difference modify allow it to stack together, the thunderbolt is irrelevant)
Most people use other dragon glyphs mainly for that 8% rarely for the primary modified to work with the dragon aswell like in noctarn is compatible with the glyphs of the hunt/ tiger, or glyphs of mending work on meglok ( the regeneration spell)
And the thunderbolt is useless on cal, similar with scavenge , the passive sin-eater is a completely different family of spell


I was talking about advice for myself since I have runes like that but I’m not too sure if that one primary affect is better than a rune that give the dragon less rage but the 2nd affect enhances Hunter attack.

Anything to make the dragon more usable I guess :man_shrugging:t5:

Wish I had
mythic gear for him but this set up I can beat up to 40b bases


This is my setup atm

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Rage and ammo
Callavore need a surplur amount of both


Same im still debating to get mythic gear for him or finish the other part of my ice mythic gear
Callavore will soon be obsolete so i don’t know if it’s worth getting stuff for him at this point

Xandra is getting used and is on naja, saito is a left over as he was on gunnar and that dragon is retired, dark gear was around from somnus, ( also retired)

You have Anja laying around anywhere?

400 shards away, but seems like saito is the first rider to be replaced, I might need to get those 400 shards and start claiming :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: