Some ideas for new content

Hello everybody,

in the last days I thought about some new content to make War Dragons even more attractive.
These are my ideas:

  1. New defending towers/buldings

1.1 “Chief blaster”:
This tower throws explosive devices (like little packages) in the direction of the dragons. When the attack hits the package, it explodes. If it’s not destroyed by the attack, it hurts like a stone (less than a normal attack of a cannon).
When the package is destroyed by the attack of the dragon, the dragon is getting damage over a period of time (similar to the poison of the ballista) by the effect “Burning”.
Depending on the level of the building, the duration and/or damage and/or size of the package is increased.

1.2 “Fog of War”:
This building ejects in intervals a cloud of fog, which reduces the accuracy of the dragon, consequently also the damage.
Depending on the level of the building, the duration and/or the surface of the fog is increased.

1.3 “Ambush”:
Similar to the perch, this building gets an own construction zone. It is placed in the middel of the long islands (in order of the main base: between island 1/2, 4/5 and 7/8).
Soldiers are send to the beaches in a random sequence left and right of the island. These soldiers attack the dragon with ranged weapon (stones, knives, axes, spears, arrows, …).
The building can only be destroyed by attacking the moving soldiers (marked as a red target).
The number of soldiers and kind of weapon (and the damage, too) can be increased by expansion the “Camp of Ambush”.

  1. New interactions of the spells of the dragons

2.1 The active spell “Conjuring a warrior” and the passive spell “Dodo Guardian” obtaining in a new tab the possibility to prioritize the different targets.
There are e.g. three/four/five different boxes where you can put the buildings in a prioritized order. Now the warrior/Dodo attacks the buildings in this sequence.
This possibility is unavailable when setting an additional spell.

2.2 Launching the spell “Tsunami”, which splashes a gigantic wave over the island to cause damage.

2.3 In connection with 1.1, “Chief blaster”:
Launching the spell “Cascade”, healing the effect “Burning” and getting a low shield (good resistance against fire towers).

2.4 In connection with 1.2, “Fog of War”:
Launching the spell “Gust of Wind”, which removes the fog so there are no more negative effects or the spell “Wall of Wind” is getting an additional effect of banishing the fog.

2.5 Prohibit the combination of some spells with other additional spells by setting as reinforcement.

(I don’t know the english names of the spells - I hope you understand it anyway.)

  1. Expanding attacks of Sorcerers:
    Hunters and warriors have more possibilities to gain strengthening. Sorcerers can (if I am not wrong) only destroy the different boats and bigger outbuildings, which reduce the possibility of obtaining additional loot.

  2. Possibility of low personalization

4.1 Possibility to mirror the symbols when flying for left- or right-handed people (if you’re left-handed and flying an attack the chat is often not to be seen).

4.2 Small selection of customization options regarding the user interface, eg the color and size of the buttons.

  1. New sort of dragons relating to exploration new islands and the structure of the islands

5.1 Exploration dragons to find new islands.
Only one dragon can be owned at the same time and send out for exploring new islands.
Breeding this dragon don’t need any fragments, the egg is forged and need 50 hours for completion.
Different periods of explorations possible (one day, two days, five days).
The more often the dragon is used to explore new islands and the more longer the duration of the exploration is, the higher is the probability of finding different constructed islands.
After the exploration the dragon is released to freedom, forging a new exploration dragon is necessary.

5.2 Colozination dragons to settle new islands.
Only one dragon can be owned at the same time and send out to settle a new island.
Breeding this dragon don’t need any fragments, the egg is forged and need 50 hours for completion.
After settlement a new island your last island is lost.
The buldings of your last island are in your storage so you can build a new base on a (maybe) new constructed island.

  1. In connection with 5.1 and 5.2: Exploration new islands and new structure of these islands:
    Possibility of:
  • new number of free construction slots on an islands (two to seven slots)
  • new number of islands (up to ten islands possible)
  • new number of islands hanging together (up to four)

The mentioned times and number of other changes are just examples.


I like the exploration idea.

This was copied over from the old forums

I actually like the fog idea, not as a building but rather a premium boost. Clouding targets to make them more difficult to hit and obscuring supershots would make for interesting strategies. If you want to get really fancy you can have fogged islands hide towers in Map View too.

I have copied my letter and added some more.

What is the MVP of a war for? Is there any other rewards but only the nomination?

  1. New rewards after war (combinations of rewards for MVP and the winners of the categories are possible)

7.1 MVP reward

  • XP-bonus of 1.5x for 24h of each flight
  • several boosts (5x hammers, 5x shields, 5x swords - 5x heal potions, 5x attack-/5x HP-boosts for dragons)

7.2 Rewards for the winners of the different categories

  • active defends (3x shields, 3x hammers, 3x swords)
  • healed buildings (5x hammers)
  • activated supershots (5x swords)
  • defeated dragons (5x shields)
  • most damage (5x attackboosts for dragons)
  • most flames (3x heal potions, 3x attack-/3x HP-boosts for dragons)

(I don’t know all the categories)

All numbers are examples.

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  1. Introduction of an exchange
    Exchange of items out of the forge in certain conditions between the players, e. g.:
  • 20x hammers - 7x 1h-boost
  • 10x heal potion - 12x hammers
  • 20x 30%-HP-boost for dragon - 17x 30% HP-boost for base
  • limitation of the deals to 3, elite account 7

All numbers are examples.

  1. Block of messages for invitations to clans; block/hide the button “Invitation to clan” on player’s profile

  2. Possibility to see which evolution stones you got for the dragon

  3. Inclusion of the evolution stones to feeding event

Heck NO to suggestion #11

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