Some ideas of new content for the entire game


I have a few suggestions for new content in the game:

  1. New runes/glyphs
    Aside from the missing runes/glyphs for the three newest towers, one could also think about some that would increase the range of the towers.
    There are several ways of doing this:
  • Runes/glyphs that increase the range of every tower.
  • Two different runes/glyphs: one increases the range of projectile-supported towers, the other increases the range of elemental-supported towers
  • Runes/glyphs that increase the range of a particular tower (each tower has its own rune/glyph).
  1. Upgrade your own base (based on point 1 and the need for additional places for runes/glyphs)
    I don’t know why the monuments even have a level (to my knowledge permanently at level 35).
  • To give this a sense, you could consider whether you can level up the monuments to get more places for runes/glyphs.
  • The introduction of a new special resource would also be conceivable for this purpose.
  1. Reduction of the range of the towers by abilities/spells of new coming dragons
    Several variants are also possible here:
  • A dragon passive ability that reduces the range of the towers.
  • An active spell that reduces the range of the affected towers in an area for a period of time.
  • The summoning of a companion who takes damage and does not cause any, but has the ability already described and after whose death the effect lasts for a few seconds.
  1. After defenses and the necessary number of 20 defeated dragons, instead of the previous water dragon, you could make two flights with one of the two new mythical seasonal dragons each season, which you can choose anew each time you activate it again based on your own level/restrictions (Dragon evolution).
    After you could use Namaka instead of the water dragon some time ago, there should be this possibility.

  2. An idea I already presented: Exploring new islands and island structures

5.1 Exploration dragons to find new islands

  • Only one dragon can be owned at the same time and send out for exploring new islands.
  • The fragments required for this dragon can be forged [or as a new reward during the season, possibly a completely separate line such as baseboost (“Exploration and colocination”)].
  • Different durations of explorations possible (one day, two days, five days).
  • The more longer the duration of the exploration is, the higher is the probability of finding different constructed islands.
  • After the exploration the dragon is released to freedom, breeding a new exploration dragon is necessary.

5.2 Colozination dragons to settle new islands

  • Only one dragon can be owned at the same time and send out to settle a new island.
  • The fragments required for this dragon can be forged [or as a new reward during the season, possibly a completely separate line such as baseboost (“Exploration and colocination”)].
  • After settlement a new island your last island is lost.
  • After the colonication the dragon is released to freedom, breeding a new colonication dragon is necessary.
  • The buldings and runes/glyphes of the monuments of your last base are in your storage so you can build a new base on a (maybe) new constructed island.
  1. (In connection with 5.1 and 5.2) Exploration new islands and new structure of these islands
    Possibility of:
  • New number of free construction slots on an islands (up to eight slots)
  • New number of total number of islands
  • New number of islands hanging together
    (That would mean that there might be more time for new, higher tower levels.)

The mentioned times and numbers of other changes are just examples.

I know that not everyone will like this idea(s).
Nevertheless, I ask for a respectful discussion without insults or swear words affecting the ideas.


Please no. Most of these towers already have pretty long ranges. Every flak except the Dark Flak has a fairly long range. The Howitzer is literally known for it’s long range. The Orrery’s range is pretty long as well. We don’t need to have these already-long ranges increased. It would make things a lot more difficult.

I was actually thinking of this last night, ironically, then I thought to myself, why would we need more rune spots? They’re perfect just the way they are, and adding more runes would make things more difficult (as also stated in my previous quote), especially if they’re a bunch of mythics and exotics.

As much as I personally don’t find new currencies a problem, the community seems to become enraged when PG implements a new currency.

The whole point of these summon/minion dragon-type spells is to aid the main attacking dragon in destroying the towers.

As you stated, they did this with Namaka. However, there were bugs when this happened, and it messed up the system somehow, so they will not be doing this again.

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Listen to me
Exotic… ballista … glyphs that give players 100k sigils for taking it


How about an Easter Egg event where “eggs” are hidden on random player bases and the team that collects and hordes the most eggs wins?

Might seem too simple since it would be straight PVP, but sounds fun :upside_down_face:

(Yes, I realize that in the end one level 800 player would have all the eggs but maybe there be a way to make this work)

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: best idea yet

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Why would that weaken your own base, why should it make defending your base more difficult?
Don’t always look at one side of the game - it’s defense too.
Perhaps the PvPs or wars will also be more exciting, precisely because the base can no longer be defeated so easily.
I’m not talking about doubling the range, just a few percent (exotic rune / glyph maybe 10% range increase).

See reaction above.
Do not only see everything from the attacker’s point of view, also from the point of view of the defenders.

Personally, I don’t see any reason to be angry, after all, new resources came into play with the howitzer and the “crystal ball” (I just can’t remember the name).

That was just one variant, I also mentioned two more.

That’s not what I meant when I said that. I meant that adding extra range to the towers that already have a pretty long range would make flying more difficult. It would make defending easy, sure, but flying would be much more difficult and annoying.

I know that, but there needs to be balance.

Maybe more exciting, maybe more frustrating.

I realize that. I just didn’t have much to say for the other two.


In my opinion, flying is sometimes too easy, hence this idea :sweat_smile:

Do you know what is frustrating?
Successfully completing defenses - and not even peanuts, more likely to receive grains of dust as a “reward”.
While the PvPs successfully prevent the opponents from destroying the base - and not even get points in PvP for this defense.
Losing wars because declaring war short before the set starting time and losing them within a few minutes after the start while you and most of your teammates are asleep (2am for Central Europeans).
THAT is frustrating… :see_no_evil:
What you are describing is just a bigger challenge in my eyes.

You’re a level 490, so I’d presume you’d be arriving at that point where in atlas you’re hitting 70B+ bases triple defended… you’ll quickly realise with the new towers etc. We’ve just got it’s not exactly too easy especially when time is of the essence in all attacks and you can’t just take it slowly otherwise you’ve water troops and time/resources


Have you tried speed run a max base defended in atlas?
Those tower hurt like hell rune/ glyphs for them are not needed


For me, the game doesn’t just consist of Atlas, it’s a later addition (I still know the game without Atlas - and honestly thought it was better back then).
I think you get too much mass “for free”. Everything that is available in Atlas through the season, even if reduced, is available in normal game. Only the mythical armor sets are special there - but the elite parts were also represented there and can now be made in the forge.
For my part, I hardly get XP for my “real” dragons via Atlas (only the breeding kites up to breeding maturity) nor do I collect excessive gold there - I mostly do this via the “normal” game (no, I don’t have Atlas-Elite).
And what use is it if you can fly the Invader blind, but then fail against a real base (with flaks, mages etc.)?

But that’s another topic.

True, but Atlas is in no small way the most important part of the game for active players.

Atlas specific riders. And I challenge you to build and max multiple sets of elite gear with no atlas

Not even sure what that last part was going on about


It used to work without Atlas - and not all players still have access to it. So it still works today, and these are also active players.

There are also riders in the normal season, no Atlas is required for this.

Without Atlas you can get the necessary resources - you “just” have to make a bigger effort.
I claim that without Atlas the necessary resources would not have been set so high.

Correct, but these players without Atlas are in no way competitive. And yes, I’ve been around a bit, including before Atlas, so please don’t treat me like a dummy. :slight_smile:

You actually can’t; you’d be unable to access the mythic gear, so elite would be all you could get. While it’s entirely possible to max a full set, even multiples, of elite without Atlas, the player in question would be waiting for a loooong time and most likely spending money in regular events if they want to finish it in any decent amount of time.

Which draws me back to the competitive player. If a player is actually competitive and spending money on the game, they will actually need Atlas in order to keep up with the changes that the game makes and have their base/dragons be the best that they are capable of being.


I’m just saying that the game worked without Atlas and would work with the new features without Atlas, but it wouldn’t be as fast-paced.
Note, it’s a mind game: All the innovations introduced - without ever having added Atlas.

You won’t hear anything like that from me, I respect other players and their opinions - but I also ask that they understand me or at least try to :innocent:

That could be the “efforts” I mentioned, yes.

I would not play, or would not play as much without atlas.

You are talking too much about what if and about the past and don’t bother about the present

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I can almost see this.

F*** no.

I loved this when it happened with Namaka. I do, however, believe that it was limited to two weeks so that people actually had the drive to get the dragon. What would happen if players have both mythics unlocked? Do they get a bonus mythic?

Why? Isn’t this a quest? Why have a fragment for this dragon if it is released to freedom after 1/2/5 days?

So this is basically Farmville?


Removing Atlas is actually an idea :grin: , no more issues with mega Alliances , no more issues with pirates, basically no more issues with Atlas-related. Plus it also reduces problems with sandbagging and make space for pvp main events + wars to be serious again.


@MALIK you should consider this :point_up_2: to your missionary man :yum:

that will cause a large majority of the playerbase to quit the game entirely.