Some of my ideas for an update

This problem has been present in the game since the time Istarted playing it.
Starting with player profile, the only way to view a players base is to attack the person thus taking the player into the attack screen where you can view the players base setup.
Along with the extra options given in the chat an additional option must be introduced to view a players base, be it another player or one from the same team.

Then like all other new games that has been released a quick chat option must be introduced for when players are coordinating. For instance I’m attacking a base and I want the next player to swap instead of finishing.
A quick chat menu will make it faster to communicate and won’t take time dealy.
Another issue is the backspace button:
I have to continuously keep tapping to delete a few words to get to the one word I miss-typed. Holding down the the backspace doesn’t work and I have to keep tapping to erase a few words.

Now I don’t know how many of you out there have faced this problem but i’m pretty sure that a lot of you now have full screen phones with gesture contrlos.
Now the issue is if I accidently goto home or hit recents, the attack i’m doing is cancelled and I lose any progress and if happens during a pvp or event run I lose energy and waste the attack.
How come the game has to load every time it goes out. For comparison PUBG mobile, mobile legends or even clash of clans doesnt restart everytime the player goes out. The game runs for a time in the background before closing.

All these might seem like simple or petty issues, but in the end it’s the little things that matter. Hope you can do something about this.

Thank you

What a riveting idea.

I’m new here and I wasn’t done with my post.

IMO, integrating “view another player’s base” into attacking screen is the best possible solution (though I’d like to see all my teammates bases much easier).

Isn’t that what we have atm? Also, how can you chat while you’re flying?

Idk with Apple user (need confirmation), but in chat, Android users can just tap and hold, then tap backspace.
Okay. Seems that doing so force close the game. @Arelyna hope you can include this into bug bashing (again, UI team…)

Before this, I’d like game’s loading to be faster first. Plus need to make sure that it’s not exploitable.


When you are coordinating and the next player starts his attack. You can talk then but it happened to multiple times that before I finish typing the player finishes the attack.

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:roll_eyes: In short, you’re suggesting PG to upgrade their server then… (IMO, the problem is kinda server side rather than the feature itself :joy: )

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We don’t have a quick chat option and also heres another problem…Im looking up a farm base.
I search for the team, find the team, and then I select a guy I think is weak enough for me, maybe bookmark him and hit back…Then I go back to my to own base instead of the list of players from the team I searched for. How many time can I search for a team, find the player, attack him to see his base, and then decide hes too strong and hit back only to repeat the whole process again. How annoying do you think that is…you cannot bookmark the whole team now can you…also that iyself is gonna take just as long.

Wouldn’t hurt right…Its been going on from the time the game first released and PG brought it.

:roll_eyes: I used to do it, and it’s fine.
Since it’s small, I just say

  • Hi
  • swap
  • kill
  • :muscle:

I’m curious on what you typed…


The same stuff…swap…finish it…impressive…gud work.
But sometimes when only the base is left standing without any defences and im actually doing the run to lvl up my nxt drag.
The text wont teach in time. For the person to swap and I most of the tome remember to not invite other players while on xp runs or ill join up with team mates for xp runs. But I hit the invite button without realising out of habit

That is perhaps not just a PG thing, but a network thing with yourself or your teammate in addition or even instead.


Write ‘s’ for swap and ‘k’ for kill. Once your team get used to it everyone will know what it means.

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What about leave rage? Or anchor?

This is actually something that’s easy to deal with. If the base looks too strong, tap on the person’s avatar (well, I think it’s technically a tiny info “i” on the avatar). That takes you to their profile page instead of going back to your base.

On that profile page, you can tap on their team name (again, I think it’s technically the info “i” on their team name), and be taken to their team roster page. Quick and easy, only requires two taps, and doesn’t require PG to do any code changes.


Still, that two taps cost us an extra loading screen.
That’s inefficient if we just want to check our teammates bases.

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I can make do with all of these issues but what about the force closing of the game if I exit accidently.
Hunter might not have a problem.
But warriors have flamethrower attack and if I accidently reach the end of the screen I probably swipe up into home or open recents.
And it’s much more difficult with sorcerers.

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True enough. Just figured I’d point out the practical workaround.

Mm. This is something that has been brought up many times. Most players just practice and practice until they do it less, since there are basically issues with putting that button anywhere on the screen.

They aren’t talking about swap, they are talking about the home feature on the iPhone X.


Practicing will still solve the problem although it would be good if they could disable that feature while attacking.

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Quick chat = menu of (possibly user customized) most common comments, something that should be selected a lot more quickly than tapping chat, waiting for chat and keyboard to come up and then having to type, and then getting the return or chat button to work, all while blind to the ongoing attack in the case of battle chat.

The text entry window and keyboard interface are incredibly bad and slow and if they can’t make them better they should give us a way to avoid them altogether.

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