Some runes for dross

I need some advice for some runes I can put on Dross?Anyone have any ideas?

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Well, for starters, put the Legendary and Mythic runes/glyphs that come in his branch.

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I use dross as a setup dragon. So put the rune and the glyph from his his line on him. You can put A rage on him but not super needed. After that I’d probably say HP in case you need to tank a few shots.

Invoker a generally need rage and hp. But their own line runes and glyph are also good depending what you will be using him for.

But the only hp rune that works for invoker are generic one like rune of pride… and the one buff invoker hp are from much better dragon like morak or naja so this dragon doesn’t have any better choice for rune other than rage tbh but maybe it’s just my 2 cent and this dragon doesn’t do so well against much longer base like 3+ island defended

I am lower a lower level and Dross is my go to setup dragon. I slap an invincibility shield on him and he’s good to go setup some poor level 400 if they have a short kill. Long kills aren’t as easy to setup solo with Dross.

I agree with certain circumstances he can be viable but with the right layout he doesn’t do much unfortunately

He’s great against setting up short kills as long as they don’t have a double blue mage. Or an ice flak separated from a blue mage

Wow really! That’s such a good idea! I’m gonna go do that right now!

Arboralith runes for the super rejuvenate


If it’s o’l you have you can do it, but there’s better runes you can use.

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