Someone is downloading virus in platinum 4 KC

In LC platinum 4 a guy named Rhino was uploading a virus in league chat. Idk if this is a joke or if it is real. Idk what’s going on but I was letting it be known


i doubt he could . People like to get attention, and everywhere are weirdos.

I was watching it get to 99% and I logged off

This is fantastic. This is almost better than the 13hr drop post.


Guess 13h will soon become 124h …


Wonder how it’ll play out. Do you have a screenshot to support your claim?

Yes I do



I’m nervous to even play the game

There are no words. :joy::scream_cat:

Is this just a joke?

Very much a joke

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O ok sorry… I didnt know I apologize and feel really dumb :pensive:

Oh come on!!

Don’t be. You can’t feel bad for something you don’t know.
But it is only a joke.

Don’t feel dumb lovely. It’s better to be safe than sorry :heart:

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I just wasnt sure it freaked me out and I was letting everyone know in case it was real. Man I feel wrong now because I was assuming. I hope no 1 is mad at me for posting this… if so I’m completley sorry.


I dont know much about viruses but I do know they can do damage

Again don’t be sorry.
I work at Information Security in a company (nothing to do with the game) and I appreciate when someone disclose something they see wrong, evem if a false positive.
This was an elaborated joke. Not your fault actually, but is from who posted that.

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