Someone stole my dragon! Who did it? Own up now!

Hi. Unfortunately, the owners of Android this dragon is not displayed. Maybe you changed the device. :female_detective:

Sorry I will return it soon :joy:

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First off, boo. I thought it was something more sinister.

Secondly :man_facepalming: I can’t believe I haven’t noticed this before considering I’ve been using android since forever… :joy:


They even took all your little workers. You can no longer upgrade anything. They’re gone.


@Cruelphoni and planned the stealing of that dragon yesterday at 3am. :joy:


I’m on iPhone and my Volos is missing too :triumph:

I just wish more dragons were seen floating around monuments on our bases. Not just furthest one

Imma need you to check your ios privilege, some of us never got a dragon there to begin with. I thought it was an urban legend until I recently saw it on someone’s ss. Damn silver spoons complaining :triumph:

I was like a ninja, he never saw me coming :wink:


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