Someone trying to sell an account in LC

Is this a reportable thing? Or is it okay and just ignore it?

Report it, make a ticket with the time you reported it, and escalate it if you get any wishy washy from support.

Snitches get stitches…jk yes report it


Thanks ya’ll. :kissing_heart:

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So I understand this is against TOS, but I’m curious as to why…I can resell almost anything else in life that put my time or money into.

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I personally wouldn’t! But I don’t think I’ve ever reported anytbing…It would have to be pretty bad or some serious harassment towards a player before I would even think about…Lots of personalities in this game :grimacing:

I do hate the thought of someone putting no time or effort into the game and just buying a level 340 account! That is what I don’t like about it! Almost seems like they want everything but just are not willing to put in the work to get it!

On the other hand could you imagine all the time, effort and money let’s say you put into you level 340 player and you just for some reason or another can’t or do not want to play anymore? That would suck and a small fraction of what you have into it all back seems like the only decision.

So I don’t like the buying side but I can understand the selling part of it!

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I’m worried about this happening to someone.


Yeah I read that a few weeks ago…

Honestly if you take the easy way out and just try to buy an account rather then doing it yourself then I consider that taking a risk.

In that case it doesn’t sound like the risk paid off :grimacing:

I’d be curious to know if PG is aware of how many external sites serve as an outlet for people to sell their War Dragons accounts… there are definitely a handful of them.

I’m not saying my opinion is THE opinion or anything but I mean is selling your old recliner on craigslist or selling your car going to give anyone a competitive advantage that disadvantages others? That’s why I don’t like it, but that’s just me. Spend away, sure, I appreciate spending letting me play for just elite. But do I want to have someone rampaging my base that has done nothing other than paypal you some money for your account, not really. jmo

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I personally find it pretty funny if someone buys an account who’s to say the account wasn’t made by hacker :joy: it will just be banned on the next pan wave

Of course they are, happens in every game, not much they can do about it. Is also a way for players to get some of their investment back. Every time I quit a game that ive invested time or money into, i make sure to sell my account.

It directly impacts their sales, if someone buys an account for 100 dollars, that’s technically money that could’ve gone to PG if they had used that 100 dollars towards a new account. While it might seem harmless that a few players are selling their account, people can actually make a business out of this. I don’t think there is a single online game that allows you to sell your account.

Most websites who offer this kind of services have a guaranteed, just like any business, if the account is not as described or like you mention does get banned within a certain period of time (depending on the website) you will get your money back completely.

P.S. A lot of hackers often get away with it.

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Cheeky your comparison literally made no sense.

Sorry :man_shrugging:

You can’t sell the account because it is not yours to sell. You do not own your account plain and simple

It’s the same as your itunes library.
You don’t own the items you ‘purchase’ from itunes. When you die, you cannot leave your library to your kids.
You rent it.

This made me calculate about how much I have invested. Assuming my goal all along would have been to build an account to sell (which is NOT what I am doing), I would have to get a minimum of $7500 on the very low end if I were just valuing my time at minimum wage.

It’s bad,because account can be hacked and you’ll just lose few k$

i don’t see a problem with it but if someone did and tries to take it back now that is another thing

Exactly… PG has made it very clear that the accounts are their property and no amount of spending will change that.