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It’s a good question. First of all while there are some outlier teams, I really don’t see very many teams where I’m at (P3) that have a base that the other teams cannot beat. Even the very big bases down here are usually quite terrible (I guess that’s one reason they’re in platinum). So the potential for 250 is almost always there. Like orca said:

And they have limitless attempts. So as long as the potential for 250 is there (there isn’t one base that is unbeatable, or one team isn’t down players) teams here have the expectation to get 250.

That expectation can cause a lot of ridiculousness in plat league. We kick players immediately for missing wars. Those players are immediately replaced with alts because if you’re 49/50 the entire league will declare war against you. Now teams would rather play with 15 alts on the team than 50 real players, because the semi-casual players no longer really fit into platinum league, however it is extremely difficult to recruit players who are serious enough. This also contributes to 250 flames becoming more the norm. It is very common for platinum teams to have many alts, and alts always do their war attacks.


Was it better? Maybe not. Was it fair? Absolutely.

If the 15th seed ties the 1st seed, then it is absolutely fair for the 15th seed to gain rank and the 1st seed to lose rank. Even if its limited.

This was also a great equalizer in two regards: It was harder to stay ON TOP (more back and forth within leagues), and defending didn’t determine wars.

Now, I like defending. No…I actually love defending. So, I’m torn on this TBH…but I don’t like that wars are getting determined by Defensive Flames. To me…this really sucks some of the fun out of things. It’s simply assumed that both teams are going to get 250…and the team that gives up the fewer defensive flames wins.

Thus, the team that can enlist more players to be up and online around the clock is the winning team.

Is this also fair? Yes, it is. But it’s boring.

So, what’s better…letting teams have a tie, or letting defensive flames determine a winner?

Neither. They’re both boring.

Is there any other way that we can do this? I know time zones makes the whole “first team to 250 flames” thing unfair to some…but can’t we figure out some version of this?

Why is it fair in the Team Gauntlet for it to be a race…but not in daily wars? There’s no tie in any of the events. Defensive flames don’t enter into ANY events, or into Atlas.

Maybe the TIME that wars begin could be adjusted. Perhaps there could be some form of wager system or handicap added. I’m sure there are updates and tweaks that could be added to make them more fun.

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I get you, but I would rather suggestions not be in this thread at all. Please. I want this thread to be a place of questions and overarching thought instead of suggestions.


Out of respect to Red I will PM you my thoughts. If you think this idea merits further discussion then I can move it to whatever thread is most related.


The main reason to war at this point is to gain access to Atlas. Once you have achieved that goal, and are in a league suitable for your team’s level, there isn’t any point to strive to move up. We made Plat, got Atlas, moved up to Plat 3 because 4 was too easy, and have been in 3 for a looonnng time. We could probably manage 2 well enough, but the only motivation is a slight token boost, at the cost of team morale for not doing as well in events.


Challenge: I think one of the biggest issues is that there is a finite time that players can be in game. Players and teams set their goals and these need to be accomplished within the amount of time they can allocate to the game. Wars are a casualty of the increased demand on player time to accomplish everything that needs to be done.

Consideration: If players want to move up in leagues it is easier to find a new team than to get 50 people on the same page.

Perception: Players are choosing a league/team based on what they want their activity level to be which means there is less drive to war the team to a new league.

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I am in plat4 and we see 250 alot

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The league structure is built around teams progressing on a linear scale of competitiveness: as they become more competitive, they reach higher leagues.

Unfortunately, individual players’ progression doesn’t fall along that single scale. A player can progress by becoming higher level, and they can progress by becoming better at the game. A player that does both will find a home in the top tiers; a player who does only one has nowhere to go.

This means that teams in the lower leagues are a mixture of players that don’t fit that linear progression: you have players that actually know what they’re doing, will put in time and effort, but are still low level. You also have high-level players that are terrible fliers, or just can’t put in the time the higher leagues demand.

Getting five flames isn’t a challenge for either player - the little guy can always get backup, the bigger player can usually destroy every base. The ‘fun’ bit of figuring out how to take down a difficult base is usually limited to the very highest-level players on the team. Sure, in a wave the smaller player might get a challenge, but they won’t get many tries before the big player gets called in to mop up. In these wars, the core gameplay aspect of actually destroying a base is a sideshow; the war is just a chore of showing up for most players on the team.

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