Something wrong with lumber protection

I have lumber protection on Storage. When I click on it, I see that 113k from 113k are under protection. There is no uncollected wood on mills. Then I go offline. After some time I enter the game again, to collect wood from mills, and see that there were several attacks on my base, after which I have about 80-90k… How come, if 113k was under protection? Do I miss anything?

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:rofl: welcome to the club


It’s broke and has been for a very very long time


It was the same for me. Lost 130k that should have been protected.

Any idea on what exactly is broken? Is it just wrong number (so, really it is like 85k, not 113k), or the wood is not protected at all?

P.S.: I’m in that club already for a long time ))

That sucks. Mine protects storage fine. Do you have better luck if online when attacked.

Guess I feel lucky the only wood I lose is the wood in my mills.

Same for online. Had collected about 300k, with 130k or so under protection. Did an attack and found that I lost 110k or so. Usually it is much less when protection is on.

That amount honestly sounds normal. If you have 170k unprotected and a lower level hit you they could easily wipe out 60% of your unprotected stash.

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this confuses me to be honest. If only 130 was protected you didn’t lose what was protected if you only had 300k. I might have to take my shoes off to confirm the math though.

Mech beat me.

It’s usually less than half. From my feelings -
I would say, 1/3rd from total storage, if nothing is protected. At least when I look at the bases in our clan, which have higher level, usually you can just multiply the value that is shown (like when you attack bases) by 3, and you will be quite close to the amount that is in storage.

Well, at least when 113 is protected, it should not become less.

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