Something Wrong with Team Wars?

War Attacks: I have attempted to chose as many as 5 different targets in our War, and I keep getting the message:

Cannot attack this player. They may have gone inactive or been banned.

Is there something wrong with Team Wars?

There are some members that have already been attacked, however, I am unable to find anyone available for attacking.

Nothing wrong with team wars. Just something wrong with the teams in the league you’re in, in all likelihood. What league are you in? Gold? Silver? Bronze?

OK…had to go through the list…probably 90% of this Team has 0 medals this week - which likely means, that 90% is inactive. Just have never come across that before, especially for a Gold II League.

Ahhh you must be referring to team ‘casual play’ yeah they sucked to war against and in the pit event aswell

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