Somnus better then Coatl?

It is a legitimate question. I got Coatl, unfortunately, but would like a sorcerer in my roster I don’t mind using. I have already decided against sylphen but was wondering if somnus is at least better then Coatl. I have some extra sigils to use on something.
Don’t want to get burned again.

Sylphen > somnus
Somnus > coatl (objectively because he goes to vanguard)


This man speaks truth.

Thanks. I understand sylphen is better but I have prospero, whom I enjoy and fly well. I hear sylphen is complicated to fly and I truly would like an easier, but useful sorcerer. I may wait until next season.

Just to make sure, sigils don’t carry over, so you’d want to spend them all anyway before the season ends. If it was about not opening more chests or using rubies, then yeah :see_no_evil:

Somnus and Coatl are both closer to either faceroll, where dragon selection might not even matter, or die.

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Somnus is useful for invader runs at least… Not the best choice if you needed a war-worthy dragon

rotting fish carcass > Coatl


Thanks for the feedback. Will use the sigils but not attempt to get anywhere with anything more. Will save the rest for next season.
I appreciate the feedback.
I wish Coatl wasn’t such a dog…

As had forScience mentions this season sigil does not carry over to next season or event to the next year’s Fall season. Any sigil you have this season when not used is lost forever.

Yes, thank you all. I’d know the sigils must be used. When I say save the rest, I am talking about possible chests and rubies.

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Slyphen does invader better because of the shield so no need much healing time like somnus

Hey that’s yours opinion!!
I personally have gotten really good at flying coatl :grin:

I personally really like somnus… sylphen is good for set up or clean up…

Somnus is deff more fun to me though… IMO.

Somnus is better than coatl by a hefty margin, not that its a high bar to meet. If your after a sorcerer that’s fun, can do invader runs well, and that your not planing on serious raids with him then somnus is decent.

As people have said slyphen is better but has a higher skill cap. Whichever works best for you

I’d say Somnus is the third-worst dragon of 2018, while Coatl is the second-worst. So that would make Somnus technically better…

Coatl has one big flaw which can be easily healed! The thunderbolt only destroys 4 towers… that gives any island enough time to damage that dragon.

If you equip Coatl with a +1 Chain Thunderbolt Rune that dragon is pretty badass! flying in with a white desctruction spell can clear a whole island is worth quiet a lot.

So no idea about somnus, but Coatl is underestimated imo.

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The main flaw is that thunderbolt destroys zero towers if those towers are decently leveled. And even if you’re somehow allowed to get a second cast off it won’t help if there’s a defensive rider present.

Coatl or coat hanger as someone called him is not a good dragon.

If the blue tower is leveled with extra HP the white lighting spell will not destroy it.
If there is a blue tower present coatl can not use his shield or his super attack spell “barrage” (blue)
so it will fall by the flak tower or flame turret.
and this is with undefended base scenario,

If the blue tower is on the back row, you wont be able to hit it unless killing the flak first and if you cant do it with one shot, you will enter the blue tower zone, hence no shield, no super attack and quick death.

Coatl is not a keeper


U just wait until u can craft a white death gaze lmao…
He will be back on top!!:joy:

I used to call him by that name too haha.

PG’s never allowed white spells to be craftable before :thinking:

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