Somnus disappearance?

Was going to put a rune on my Somnus when I checked my roster and it wasn’t there. Tried swapping a dragon for it but it wasn’t there. It says in my dragons den it’s there but healing? Checked the divine tab in the breeding castle and it says I own Somnus but it’s like the game deleted it from my account. Anyone else having issues like this?

Did you use him for one of the temple guardians? If you did, you won’t be able to add him back into your roster until he’s finished his healing.


It can be sped up :eyes:
Ask the team to quickly beat another island, and we’ll be able to heal him.
It can doesn’t mean that it’s easy… :eyes:

Yes I’m sure I used him for the guardians. Is this only going on with Somnus? I used another dragon before him and it’s in my roster… Glad to know he will be coming back shortly :sweat_smile:

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It will happen with any dragon that wasnt in your roster when you hit the guardians with it.

Yep! This exactly. It happened to me with Rajin. Luckily (or unluckily) I had miserably failed the harbinger guardian and needed a rider for Rajin. Unfortunately he wasn’t in my roster so I couldn’t bond a rider to him :frowning_face: But since I hadn’t beaten the guardian base, I was able to heal Rajin through that attack menu, cancel the attack, exit the PVP event, then add Rajin to my roster at my home base, and finally bond Pathox’s rider to Rajin.

It’s only a minor/major inconvenience if you happened to actually beat the base the dragon was used on :sweat_smile:

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This is related to the bug where you get missions based on healing dragons you used against guardians too. I got “Frozen tomb” missions twice over the weekend because I had used Kelvin whom is long since retired.

Chalk it up to another undocumented “feature” of this game


“Deal 30m damage with Arborius”


I’d be all “forget that!” :rofl::rofl: (Death gazes are too precious to waste outside of wars or Atlas runs.)


Lately I’ve seen this type of problems…
Do your team have Atlas?

Yes, we do.

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