Somnus or Prospero?


Simply, who is the best ? :smiley:

  • Somnus
  • Prospero

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Thanks for feedback !


Lol u cant even compare a hunter and a sorcerer let’s be real for a second…

Now u wanna compare somnus to coatl… somnus…
Somnus to sylphen… sylphen…
Somnus to zots… somnus…

Somnus to paythox, axi, hell even aibrean… answer not gonna be somnus lol…

You might as well ask for a poll to decide between increase value packs costs or free stuff… it’s a little one sided lol…


It’s not even worth discussing


I don’t have Somnus, but Prospero is good.

I’m comparing him to Fomhar, and … at gold with slightly worse gear Prospero is killing most of the bases Fomhar handles, and is more tolerant of my many screw-ups because he has flak resist to take some shots and regain rage. I’m not using either to its full potential, by a long shot.


Zotz > somnus for PvP IMO

His red invis coupled with what’s effectively a white DG that gains health can break some pretty nasty kill islands. Especially since you can kill frontline towers before storm protects them. So - kill center tower and dark flak, invis to dodge mages and damage…kill a third tower after invis lifts and you’re pretty much through, with or without defenders. My zotz at 180M attack can kill some bases with 400M defense. Somnus would just die and flop about.

Somnus is better for atlas runs though. Regardless, your overall point is very well made. None of them compare to a good hunter like Pathox, Axi, Fomhar, or even Aibrean.


Somnus is extremely fun and I think cheaper, but if you want a decent dragon, go for Prospero.


So true! SS is the best! Nearly every kill island has a red Mage next to the flak so I just hit the spot that destroys them both, Cloak, knock out blue Mage, sacrifice, and then destroy the remaining towers.

BTW, did you know that there’s a certain spot where Syphon Strike Can knock out three towers? I was flying Zotz once and used SS and knocked out three towers by accident. Don’t know if it was a glitch or if there really is a secret spot. Just know that it is a lifesaver


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