Somnus or slyphen?


I need a sorcerer , so which one good to go ?






Neither, they’re both awful. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a good sorcerer

Of the two if you’re more casual then probably Somnus. He’ll do well against non defended bases or long bases but will be total garbage if a defender joins against an actual good base.

Syphilis is a very inconsistent dragon that had potential but fell pretty short. He certainly has uses but mostly only if you’re a really skilled flier.

The non-mythic gem of the season seems to be Prospero if you can fly hunters and are willing to practice


Slyphen is a great sorcerer, but if you don’t get along with Hau, you probably won’t like slyphen. (Hau is a hunter but their tower disabling and use is to me similar)

No clue on Somnus. I know someone who is excited about him but will be a day or two before it’s leveled enough to know.




Well, UTI, if you have a good understanding of double kill spots with death gaze (and derivatives) and 4-5 spots with vines, or would like to, sylphen is a good dragon for you. It’s also a great cleaner. I got it on my alt bc I wanted to be useful in wars and take out a mage and chain the towers before I died.

If you want a fun dragon that works really well at soloing undefended, then somnus is a good choice for you.

If you realized that a sorc is not for you, get pros.


Who’s excited about it!? Let me know what they think… still haven’t gotten a dragon this season


thanks , I have enough hunters , I wanna play with sorcerer . and I would like to learn strategy than fun playing.


thanks bro , have enough hunters , wanna play with sorcerer.


Why do you “need” a sorc? Why buy a bad dragon?

All you “need” is one set up dragon and one cleanup dragon. Everything else is just shits And giggles.


Some people are not buying… they are just satisified with their dragons and using the free sigils they get for something new. I have pathox vangaurd already, so for the rest of the season I’m just spending sigil on lorenzo or whatever else and saving my chests.


Not sure if troll, but definitely not true. It isn’t a solo dragon. Slyphen can not be matched by most dragons in skilled hands. But many may find it tedious or prefer a dragon that can solo bases.


If there was no other option, and I must choose, I would go for Sylphen. But if I were you I would wait another few days to see the reviews of actual flyers.

(I have :black_heart: : Equestor :black_heart:, :blue_heart: Nollaig :blue_heart: , and was waiting for Somnus to be revealed… So I chose: :heart: Prospero :heart:)


Check line. You know him.


I dunno… for me, if a dragon can’t solo invader base by a decent level it’s just not worth it for me to level him up. I ain’t got time for that :slight_smile:

my Sylphen is always hungry, I never feed him. I only give him 3 XP runs a day and he’s waiting for a feeding event if there ever is one and that’s about it. But I have Jormangandr and Pathox has my good wind rider and gear… so I could understand why others may think he’s better than I’m making him out to be.


because I don’t wanna always do tap tap tap with hunters , I have lot of hunters , need a change , so I need sorcerer.


I can’t think of any reason why anyone would want Somnus, he seems utterly useless to me.

Sylphen can be tricky, but has a lot of potential if used right. Definitely interesting at least.


Wait you can’t solo exp bases with slyphen?? I mean mine isn’t even maxed for my level and the chains 1 shot every single invader tower. I’m not sure how you can’t solo it.

Slyphen has a high skill cap and is pretty decent as a follow. Unlimited rage. Instant kill spell. A cc and an invulnerability. Yeah it’s very rare he will solo good bases but that’s just not what he does.


Maybe because he’s awesome?