Somnus or slyphen?


Chains isn’t designed to one shot towers. You must have strong dragons for your level.

Sylphen really isnt a good Invader dragon, most good setup dragons aren’t.


His Chains instantly kill everything they hit on my invader base ever since I got him to Garnet. Maybe Sapphire… Not sure. I’m right around 200.

Unfortunately, sometimes they seem to like to hit just one tower, or they glitch and fire on repeat, so the entire experience is fairly frustrating. And every now and then I’ll get all 5 in one shot.

So overall, it’s kinda like Jul but I have to click an extra few times. He’ll get through but take some damage.


Don’t get me wrong for my level I am very ahead breeding wise but slyphen isn’t maxed for my level. Invaders are just so weak.

Slyphen does take damage doing invader and it’s not the healthiest clear ever but it works with no issues. Live bases around my levels are not even close to being 1 shot so you’d need to play slyphen properly there.


So I am curious why the high amount of negativity towards Somnus. After using him for a little bit and getting him to green, he feels like a glass cannon dragon. He can put out a lot of burst damage very quickly with his spells, but doesn’t have a lot of defense.

So if you move quickly and time spells well he can actually wreck a base stronger than his level. And honestly when he goes down he usually does so taking out a couple of towers at a higher tier than Somnus.

I do admit that I see some negatives, base HP versus Defensive gear, and I can see a defended base with a storm being problematic, but it feels like Somnus has its uses.


Totally agree with you. I’m using a rider and gear to buff HP. He’s currently gold and taking lvl 130-140 bases.


Slyphen .

firstly death gaze (duhhhh)
Second, you can try set up smaller bases (micro base) in war and ask backers to assist . (The red spell)
The blue spell makes all damage doesn’t affect you for 2 seconds only tho


5 random shots which is good if you are lucky. (If 3 shots hit a mage tower and you can use the red spell that’s lucky)

The red spell … The 15 seconds could kill your dragon literally

The damage over time and increase in power (when base is defended, hammers are spam constantly. Sorcerer damage is slow so … )

Either way which ever you get, hope you have a great day :blush:


Sylphen had a few game bugs but he is pretty awesome… especially a sylphen ember combo! Bam bam lol…

Somnus seems cool…
But let’s be real… there is no comparing hunters and sorcerers. So why even bother lol…


Sorcerers > Hunters


Lol you’ve gone mad pj😂


I do like my Somnus very much, he got now with nal om his back 16m and taking down bases twice his power.
He is evolved 2 lvls into platinum.


Sylphen easy, somnus is more for giggles


I can’t get over how two-dimensional and board-like Somnus’ wings are in flight. Really shatters the illusion, such a disappointing result from the great concept art. I’m sure more complex animation would have been more expensive and demanding on client devices, but he’s still dead to me.


I dont think somnus have any usefulness…

Slyphen, on the other hand, is a nice cleaner, after a dragon like necryx, or Hau, or something like that!

With the white Dead gaze, you never get screw if you forgot a red mage on the way!

You always need that type of dragon in ypur line-up!


Yeah I thought the same , his wings were really disappointing


thanks for every one’s suggestion


Syl has more long term potentional. Also more potential as a set up dragon. But tbh I haven’t given him much thought because I hate sorcerers and only have him because Pathox.


This is me flying a lvl22 Somnus with Nal @Alleviates there base.


Somnus is a work horse. He’s 100% timing. Know the base you’re attacking, and where the death traps are. Once you get the hang of that spell rotation, he’s one hell of a warrior dragon (yes, you read that right…ignore the “sorcerer” title, that’s an error).

Massive damage + healing = warrior. He’s a warrior with swipe attack, which is weird…but damn effective.


Do you have any trouble seeing what’s going on with those green (soul barrage?) clouds popping up? I think that would bug me fast. Wish they would think about visibility when they do effects like that.


No not a issue for me, as I know what is going to happen when activating the spell, its becoming fast a automatic too activate the spells, and I am also flying with avalanche with melafic breath wich is almost the same.
But yes it’s getting crowded with visual effects during the moments when activating both white spells to trash some towers, however they can be very effective with the right timing, and more practice for me.