Somnus or slyphen?


I don’t think I have ever seen those words used in conjunction with warrior before. Healing sure but massive damage? That’s the realm of hunters.

Somnus is fun. More fun that slyphen. It really depends what you want. Somnus has a hard ceiling. Once things get to a certain point and he can’t blow them up he becomes useless. Below that ceiling he will be fairly consistent. But his spells are enjoyable and his play style is more simple.

Slyphen has a higher ceiling due to one shots. He can set up bases somewhat and can clean up very well. But he is substantially harder.

It really depends what is important to you. Fun Or viability. It also depends on if you want a more chill dragon or a slightly more complex one


the towers 1 shot him you mean


No. I mean the dragon has a higher skill ceiling. Slyphen is very good at what he does minus glitches. If your getting one shot your Playing it wrong and trying to do things the dragon wasn’t designed to do


Definitly Slyphen!

You always need a clean-up, and he is one of the best! Last one was Spindra a year ago!

Somnus will be just another of those sorcerers…
He seem to have high dmg, but seem really fragil


Shouldn’t he be a bit fragile with the red spell that always heal?

In the next movie i am hitting successful the base from Omen.


all sapphire tier can do that base , somnus lack def tools he has only offensive , he is like drakius does damage and restores health , nut put him face to face with defenders he is dead


I’d like to see that fly on a shorter base. Those towers only reach 45


Let me max him into first phase garnet, before I try the parts with 5 towers above lvl 45 short base.

I dont think it is that bad at all, at least he is a lot of fun flying as he stays fragile, and you need to keep watching the health bar. :grin:


Now my Somnus is lvl 30.


a base level 200+ but blue mage takes only 1 rage per shot? This base has no research at all


everytime I shoot the perch, 2 shot fly


I recorded the first battle after my xpruns, I only looked at the defence power and the towers that were grouped, than it was my luck as it was only taking 1 rage :grin:.


Somnus hands down, in my opinion. I have him on alt and main and he can handle bases with defenders or not if flown well. He is my favorite for the season, maybe even released this far. You can use his spells more then basic swipe attack: keep poison up constantly it has no cost or cooldown, use the red spell for health/rage back, or even just as invincibility right at kill islands. And spam soul barrage. At platinum he handles 40-50s easy. On my alt he can take bases over 100 at green. 20s-high 20s. I have aristrat and huitzil and prefer warriors. I have always hated sorcerers on this game, but I love somnus!


What a raving review haha


Raving review


Somnus is an absolute monster. Takes down short bases, defended bases and bases well over his AP. Possibly one of my all-time favorite dragons and I abhore sorcerers.


What levels are you talking about? I’ve read very extreme opinions about Somnus


I love somnus… hes bad ass for a sorcerer…


Just pray he doesn’t get nerfed like huitzil


I have to say Sylphen. Necryx and Sylphen is my new favorite combo :heart_eyes: