Somnus or slyphen?


My all star lineup got bigger with Sly, finally spindra has a friend… or lover, the sly bastard.


You are incorrect Liz… Ember will never be replaced… NEVER!!! :rage::yum:


Ember is still in my roster lol. But mine is still lvl 1 because I think his color pallet looks nicer with greys and blues (plus I don’t spend on packs… sorry ember :cry:)

Sylphen is useful because she can survive the death of a fire flak and handle higher level towers than my ember can.

Plus if my stupid self forgot to lock down a red mage, I’m not SOL with Sylphen lol :joy:


Invincibility shield will fix that. @LizDrakemoor :grin:


But… but what if there are two fire flaks :scream:


Two death gazes quickly :grin:


On separate islands? Like on the long middle and 2nd short? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ohhh I see u dont have cloak… nvm… :yum:
Just glide over that first one then… pow!


Like I said, I like ember better in grey and blue lol


Make it lv 6? :eyes:


Ember looks rusted at that higher lvls.:joy:


Hmmm, but nostalgia for lvl 1 ember :see_no_evil:


Renard :man_shrugging::rofl:


I’ll be hatching him soon :eyes:

Next breeding event I’m spending a lot of my egg tokens getting enough research eggs in order to be able to unlock the platinum construction research. Extras will go towards getting my 2nd obsidian dragon. So I’ll be able to finally incubate Renard :partying_face:


Renard feels like the grandfather of Sylphen, you will like him


Somnus is level 33 since the last breeding, however i forgot to make movie since he Is lvl 33.


Honestly I only bought Sylphen to get pathox but the more I use him the more I like him. Haven’t had much in the way of defenders but against undefended bases he is a beast.


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