Somnus power reduction?


Just checking if anyone has noticed a reduction of overall power reduction with Somnus. I have him at
Garnet level 33
Attack power 64M
Damage/Sec 1.07M
Health 9.77M

Usually I can defeat an island with level 52 defense towers and now I can barely defeat an island with level 47 defense towers.
Any ideas why?


Good defensive rider + Base Boost + Decent gear


Unless it’s on every base you encounter, my first guess would be “gear.” Seems likely you ran into one or more bases with much stronger defensive gear than you have offensive gear.

Edit: Orca beat me to it! :joy:

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Yeah its probably gear.

My Somnus is level 30 with 106 Mil attack power, 1.21M Damage and 11M health, and a well geared base in the level 45+ range can definitely take him out.

Honestly I don’t consider level 50s a sure deal, and usually try to avoid attacking a base with multiple level 50s.

Pretty sure level 45-55 towers are for emerald and obsidians. So your already punching above your weight there. And if any of them have any gear or if it’s defended (and the setups any good) it sounds right your dropping.

Chances are you’ve found people with better gear than your somnus and it’s brought things closer to the true level

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I think you are right NF. Somnus has been nerfed. When it came out it was a great festive dragon. My obsidian Somnus has 1.4B attack and 1.44M damage per second. It was reliably taking out defended lev 60 towers islands. Not anymore…it was supposed to be a great festive sorcerer but not anymore in my experience.

How come you guys get a “gut” feeling that dragons get nerfed over time? Seriously where does this come from?

Could it not be the fact that more people are upgrading more of their defensive gear? Like a year (or however long Somnus has been available) worth of shards is a LOT, enough to get dozens of increased HP and attack for defense riders and bases.

Have you also put dozens and dozens of levels onto your Somnus gear wise? To the extent that everyone is upgrading their defense gear?


I would put a fair bit of change on the fact that he hasn’t been nerfed. Hell have people gone up leagues so they are facing stronger people? Have you actually got damage numbers or stats before and after?

Have you changed riders? What gear are you running on him? All of this stuff is relevant. And just bare in mind that garnets hitting level 50 plus towers IS punching above their weight.


Gear, in more ways than one can either make or break you

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I don’t think they nerfed somnus, my somnus is 699m here with 1 obisidian dragon in my roster, no changes seen in numbers the last month.

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Its gear lmao lots dont realize it :smile:
They just say NERFFFEDDDD

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