Sophia’s shards in the Champion rider branch

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the shards to hire Sophie in the Champions rider branch doesn’t allow me to hire Sophie. . It shows blue shards where in the champions branch those shards are pink What are these pink shards good for then?

Sophia is both an atlas and a champion rider, you need 3 different shards for her

  • You need 500 blue atlas shards to hire her
  • You need 374 red atlas shards and 238k glory to level her up to lv 50
  • You need 200 pink Sophia shards to level her up from lv 50 → 60

Yes, it is very stupid and needlessly complicated when the others only need 1 type of shard and no glory. It would have been a lot more simple to have just made Bjorn the 3rd seasonal champion rider and made Sophia the atlas champion rider. But PG seems to only want to do defensive atlas riders now.

If you are going to use her on a sorcerer then you dont need the pink shards since she has enough skill points to do all the sorcerer skills



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