Sophia Skills, no rage for warrior tree?

In the rider comparison table there is a 10% rage buff also for the warrior tree. But I can´t see this in the skill tree from Sophia. There´s only rage buff in the tree for sorcerer. Or can I level all the trees? Don´t know how much points to earn.

Maybe someone experienced can give a max skilled example :grinning:


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You can maximize two branches. Here is example from one of gems:


You get enough skill points to do the sorcerer line for the 10% and then either the hunter OR the warrior line. Do not choose more than one of the resist options and dont try to put points into all 3 class skill lines

What if they really want it to look like a trident though?

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Then poor choices have been made, regrets will be had, tears shall be shed


And eventually Diamonds will be spent for reset.

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In my website version of the comparison table you can click on the name of the rider+build to see how it’s achieved:

Basically that’ll send you to the page BurivuH already linked.

thanks all for the response, very helpful.

And yes @Morreion I was on your site to inform me about the riders.
Unfortunality I didn´t realise that I can click on the rider name :see_no_evil:

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