Sorath'rim Buffs

Hello Dragon Lords,

We are going to be giving Sorath’rim a buff that will go live alongside the new Atlas season. Here’s what we got:


  • Lay Waste
    • Explosion damage increased to 10% of dragon’s modified HP (was 8%).
  • Divine Judgement
    • Bonus breath damage increased to 425% (was 350%).
    • Projectile speed increased.
      • Breath should feel more responsive and start doing damage sooner.
  • Celestial Protection
    • Endure Evil
      • Damage per tick increased to 3% of dragon’s modified HP (was 2%).
      • Total damage increased to 9% of dragon’s modified HP (was 6%).

In the wake of some particularly powerful Mythic warriors, we wanted Sorath’rim to not be so overbearing against defended and undefended bases alike.

During our initial testing with GPF, we settled on values we were happy with, but Sorath’rim took flight a little more conservatively than we would have liked.

As a result, we’re bumping Sorath’rim’s breath and spell damage across the board, while also providing a quality of life boost to the dragon’s empowered flamethrower.

We don’t expect these adjustments to radically change Sorath’rim’s performance, but the dragon should feel better to fly, and have more of an impact on defended bases.

We will be back to answer questions tomorrow - so feel free to leave some overnight!


Any plans to get rid of the abomination of base HP healing?
And nice to see a balanced buff that isn’t Garnath 2.0


Can u do that aswell for ikaros cause it’s really annoying
I don’t rely on it but it’s just weird
We already pass base hp stuff now but dont know why we revert to one


I find this statement rather problematic because frankly other than Garnath there havent been any such warriors that are overbearing against multiple defenders if they’re not hitting down. Yet we repeatedly get extremely overbearing hunters every time. Basically this says to me that they’re purposefully making warriors weak and hunters very powerful.

Also while Im glad to see some changes, it doesnt look like this really fixes his problems. The blue spell is still a worthless spell with far too long of a cool down, the heal is still basically nothing and there is no way to gain rage. Other than the changes to Divine Judgement these changes dont seem like they’ll do anything at all against a defender


The damage increase will be nice and I’ll wait til I fly with changes before I complain too much but with heal remaining off base hp it still seems like a non starter.

First thing first let’s try not to derail this thread instantly. I just wanted to make a quick comment or two.

  1. That mention mainly applied to Garnath as far as I can tell. They are just saying they want the dragon to be balanced and not OP…
  2. They have to maintain a balance between skill, and strength. A warrior requires less skill to fly generally, so it likely will not be as strong compared to some higher skill required to fly dragons like some hunters and invokers, or any dragon that takes skill.
    If you make a warrior that is super skill dependent odds are it will do better against defenders than say, Quasar (lower skill required struggles with defenders)
    Same idea applies to a high skill hunter or a low skill hunter.

The difference between warrior and hunter is hunter is easier to balance cause they’re squishy and their ammo is pretty limited and need more timing and practice while most warrior design are pretty straight forward easy to fall between 2 end of spectrum to be either op or useless


Also quick question, can we curse @taco for another 2 weeks with Sora or no?

Issue is that many players have RSI, or disabilities so they prefer warriors to play.

I think all classes should be viable.

Hunters are not massively more complex. Resource management and damage mitigation mechanics being the key differences.

Most classes have some sort of crowd control capability but hunters generally are superior in this area as well.

Hunters have a higher skill cap but that cap can easily be learned. Once a player understands how to optimize ammo and avoid damage then they can deliver consistent results.

Maybe the answer is to have some more complex warriors.


I dont think it can be interpreted that way since he clearly pluralized it. Im sure Garnath was part of it but the plural would indicate they think there have been others recently. The issue is that it seems like any halfway ok warrior ends up being deemed “OP” by the hunterbois. Danav certainly wasnt OP, Brutus was complete trash, Lockjaw was well balanced, and Quasar dies fairly easily on a good base against hammer spam and beams. So other than Garnath who got a nerf, Im not sure who these recent other unbalanced mythic warriors would be :woman_shrugging:t3: :man_shrugging:t3:

They do but that doesnt mean make the warrior worthless which we have seen a lot. They’ve shown they can make balanced warriors so perhaps they should try that instead of aiming for mediocre. Skill to power wise both HauZ and Mordred were quite unbalanced and didnt take that much skill yet neither were being deemed OP by the hunter elitists.

Im just so tired of seeing the blatant hunter favoritism. It’s old.


Not sure what RSI is but let’s add chubby fingers to that list. I see videos of players on iPads using two fingers to double shot a tower with hunters. If i try that I just shoot on either side of the tower.


skill and dexterity are quite similar in nature but not the same tho. if you are implying that this is a young man’s game then they should put some disclaimer in. most lose dexterity as they age but they still want to have fun at same time be competitive. yes we know we need to have the basic idea with hunters (or invokers), learning it then mastering it but for some its quite demoralizing if its physically not possible now to do it, so they play with warriors (or sorcs). there actually are 4 types of dragons, so to consider that one should be better than the rest is quite unbalanced tbh.


What about a heal ???
I am getting him for a stand

Hunters are meant to be very strong due to them being glass cannons

Warriors are glass cannons too. All dragons are frail facing high level towers now days.

Hunters benefit greatly from ability to dodge tower attacks, and ability to kill towers fast at the same time.


I think the problem with warriors is hammers. If you can span hammers you can kill warriors. Now I don’t know what a fix looks like but if you could slowly kill towers while tanking massive (and I mean massive) damage. Then it opens up play styles.
But when you can just repair on the go or after the warrior has past they lose the roll they have been assigned. There is no point in a tank.

However I will be the first to say that I have no idea how to balance that in a way that doesn’t game break but :man_shrugging: my 2cents.


Thank you PG, this was needed

@Morreion :handshake:

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I do this on a phone lol
Just press your fingers together and spam that tower down :wink:


Still need to do more with his health and rage recovery. I Find a real issue with their statement of overbearing warriors… since when did we have an overbearing warrior? We have invokers that just can’t be stopped, hunters that can blink in and out of any attack, firing at rapid speed with seemingly endless ammo and sorcerers of legendary status that can top 25B AP all with 100% heal recovery and yet they don’t want a warrior to be the beast they were designed to be, because some snowflakes whine that they are easy to fly and take no skill… That’s the nature of the dragon. When I mentioned Sorath’rim being terrible in LC, the response I got was “who flies warriors anyway?” This shouldn’t be the case… all dragons from any lineage should be comparable side by side in a battle and if you fly Xul at me, you need to be equally concerned that I’ll be flying Sorath’rim at you.


Completely agree if both are flying at the same skill level. I wouldn’t be concerned at an unskilled flyer using Cal or Xul but I would be concerned at an unskilled flyer using Garnath or Gig. That is the diff.

Would I be concerned if Drac came at me with Sora? Bet your ass I would be.