Sorc Enhancement Idea

My ideas tend to trigger people pretty hard.

Here is a screenshot from the last person that commented on my post. -


The Concept - The 2-1 Uppercut Swipe

Currently players swipe their fingers along three towers and the sorc fires a volley of three fireballs hitting three separate targets.

How about we change it up so players can swipe from 1 tower to another tower and back to the original tower.

So one tower takes 2 hits and another tower takes 1 hit.



In my view Sorcerers main issue is the delivery of their dps. Sorcs are often described as the class than can mop up a base after a hunter cleans it.

But really once a hunter cleans a base often its just easier to use another hunter to mop up the base to be 100% sure pesky farms go down.

Sorcs are generally ill prepared to attack an equivalent power base and thats because they need to drop at least a red or blue mage before they can use their abilities.

Often dropping a tower requires two hits or 2 volleys of 6 hits. Sometimes even 3 volleys. Good luck if you have a defender.

This results in sorcs being half dead or dead before they can even open up their dps due to complete inability to neutralize a threat.

I think this multi targetting would make sorcs more fun ( more strategic game play with swipe attack ) and better enable many sorcs to use their toolkit.

Idea 2 - Defensive V swipe

Start at tower 1, take a line back to the dragon and finish at another tower.

This move will fire a volley of 3 shots hitting 2 towers and 1 defensive shot destroying any 1 attack coming towards you, always prioritizing the destruction of a super shot.


Idea 3 - Power Circle

Draw a circle on the dragon at anytime and all 3 shots will imbue the dragon with a spell.

The spell will be any random spell that is craftable from the forge.

Does not stack with spells already equipped to the dragon.

Spell is lost if not used.

This will punish players that make us go through the first main island without any towers to attack :smiley:

Can only be used once per run.



And there we have it some new combos to add some fun and hopefully give sorcs some utility.


Flame away.

NB - Ignore the fact that it is a warrior in the screenshots people always get sad when I post people’s bases so I opten for a very safe official image.


I love the concept but I’ll like it more, if you take away the random spell given and the only can use it once factor*

I say, once the sorcerer(player) “power circle” it self, the sorcerer following fire balls(aka swipe attack) gets a increase damage boost by like 50% for the next 3 seconds or any damage taken(of course, after you the player power circle yourself) is reduce by like 30-50% for 3-5 seconds :man_shrugging:

The damage increase after the sorcerer power circle it self, will give the sorcerer the ability to stand a solid chance against defenders.

The reduce damage by 30-50% after the sorcerer power circle it self will increase the sorcerer survivability throughout the attack.

Or pg can make a new passive ability that allows the sorcerer to switch from a damage boost to reduce all incoming damage boost after power circle it self :man_shrugging::thinking:

The toggled boost spell, will always start as the damage boost called “power circle” :crossed_swords: :o: and once you toggled it goes into defense circle” :shield: :o: and their won’t be any cooldown when togging between both power and defense circle.

That’s my opinion anyways :thinking:


That is definitely a very cool concept!!

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