Sorcerer bug / kinnarus

I encounter a bug on summoned dragons:
when I use a vulnerable invoked dragon first and then an invincible (kinarus) it becomes vulnerable. The opposite does not happen

This is a well known and reported bug. Please make use of the search function.

I didn’t know of this bug since I normally lead with Kin. Nice to know the bug is there … :smiling_imp:.

Edit: Wait … isn’t the poster saying something different than what Red said?

No. OP is saying if a KILLABLE summon leads, an UNKILLABLE summon (Kin’s Dodo) can be killed.

Nope. Also, they’re fixing the summon bug in the 4.0 release.

Sure they are… How about storage protection levels? :joy::joy::joy:

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They are:

No word on storage though :confused:

Thank you :blush:

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