Sorcerer mythic needs big buff

So I know most plp don’t care for sorcerers but even still this dragon needs to be buffed up, its lack of ways to deal enough damage at higher end bases is it’s biggest problem the summon is suppose to be how it deals damage but once it’s dead the dragon has nothing to offer the players. If your going to keep making these dragons the power lv needs to be Increased. Again as a end game player I’m fully aware most people will be picking the hunter but we have 3 other classes that if your going to keep making them should be more then a perch dragon or just thrown in the trash bin.


Yes, and moderators do not mark this as a repeat. It’s not. This is a thread specifically asking for a buff the other was someone asking if it was any good (which by the way it is not).

Right not Sep is not a viable dragon. If you want a mythic from this season you need to be a good flier or get good soon, otherwise Cal won’t do you any good either.

I will be getting Cal bc it’s at least viable. Sep is not viable. It has the potential to be a very interesting and unique dragon, while also looking cool and being powerful. Buff needed to make that happen though.


@xNivMizzet that would be my thread and it lists plenty of suggestions from many tier players on ways to buff this dragon as well as video footage from faction members. This thread was created much later than mine. Mine is a push to make the sorcerer viable for those putting the effort into getting it. I completely agree with the author of this thread that Sepulla desperately needs a buff. Feel free to join my thread as well to express your concerns.